2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 36

20 1 7 YEA RLY H O R O S CO P E S BY KELLI FOX Free iPhone app: Today’s Horoscope by Kelli Fox SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN A Y free spirit like you has to occasionally buckle down. Responsible Saturn’s visit to your Image Sector invites you to take better care of your body. Begin a diet of mostly fresh produce, lean protein and whole grains to give you an attractive, robust glow. It’s possible you’ll assume a public role that involves taking care of others; it looks as though you will be protecting the interests of a group of people. By 19 December, the pressure will ease when Saturn moves into your Earned Income Sector. You may be living on a tighter budget, but you will have more leisure time, which is good news! Friends will be a continual source of support between 1 January and 9 October when benevolent Jupiter visits your Social Sector. When you become anxious and tense, spend time with your favourite people. They’ll quickly lift your spirits. You’ll become more introverted by 10 October when Jupiter moves into your Seclusion Sector. Take this opportunity to enjoy solitary activities that appeal to your spiritual side like reading, writing, praying and communing with nature. Your love life will be a source of excitement thanks to unpredictable Uranus’s visit to your Romance Sector. The dynamics between you and your partner could run hot and cold. Fortunately, these extremes appeal to your sense of adventure. Idealistic Neptune remains in your Domestic Sector, making home life a welcome haven from work. A Solar Eclipse on 26 February is ideal for purchasing )ɕمѥ)׊eѥՔѼɸ)́ѡ́啅ȸ)Qӊé͔ѕ͔)AѼݥ)Ʌɥ͵e)ݥаѡ͕Յ)ɍհͽ)ݥ䁄)ݕȁѕ%Ёݥ)䁙ȁԁѼ)ɕЁɽ́)ɥ́Q)́ɕЁ́ȁ)ѥ́ͽ)ԸU͔ȁՕ)Ѽ̰Ѡ)ͽɽͥ)ѥQ́啅)ݽձɕЁѥ)Ѽɕ́չ)Օ̸eԁձ)Ս͙հչ)᥹Չɸ)ɽ́ݥѼ)ȁɅѥɔ)%Ё́́ѡ՝׊e)她ɽ)ͥѥՔѼͥٔ))ѕˊéѽȁ) ɕȁMѽȸ ѡ)хЁͽȁ)ݥ)ԁѼɕͥٔ)Mѡɥѕȁ卡́ɽѠͥ́ͥѡ䁅̀ԁ啅́ɥ)A卡5մ ٽ兹Ѓ ͕ѥЃ ɅՑ)QɽЃA卡䃊ɕ%ѕɕхѥAЁ1I)IєYݥ%եѥٔIAɅѥѥ)AѼĨAͽMѥɥЁɽٕͥȃЁYՍ)AÌɅ=䤃]ɭ̃͡AA)Mѡ́مЁ卡́ȁɥمєɕ̸)͕́A卡QX)Mѡ]ɐ)A卡!()M呹䰁9M\ѕɸMՉɉ̤)AȀ)eȁ)ɽͥʹݥ)ɕЁ)ٕ役ԁи))ѕȁݥٔѼ)ȁMMѽȁ(=ѽȰ٥)ݕչ)Ѽɔѥ)ѕѥ̰ѱՍ)́ѡȁѥٔ)̸ͥ)!ѥՕ́Ѽ)ɥɥ͕́ՔѼ)չɕхUɅϊe)х䁥ȁѥ)Mѽȸ%Ё䁉ձ)Ѽх͠ɵ)ɽ́ՔѼ)ȁ䁹̸1ɹ)Ѽݡɔԁɔ)ѕ䁉)ɕѕЁ)ɔ)хݥɥٔѕ(ȁݡ)хͥMɸѕ)ȁ%Mѽȸe׊e)ٔɕѕȁɽٕ)ȁͽQ)ݥ́)՝ɕ́ԁ݅)Ʌ͕ٔɥ