2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 35

2017 Y E A RL Y HO R O SCOPES Free android app: http://theastrologer.com/wap LIBRA SCORPIO J upiter, the planet of good luck, will be touring your Image Sector between 1 January and 9 October. Seize this rare opportunity to advance your interests, pursue dreams and enhance your enjoyment of life. You’ve always been extremely agreeable, which makes you popular. Instead of going along with the program, you’re the one who should set the agenda. Be assertive about your wants, needs and expectations. People will bend over backwards trying to please you. By 10 October, Jupiter will move into your Earned Income Sector, helping you land a big raise or lucrative job. Having extra money will be fabulous, allowing you to indulge in luxuries as necessary as food and drink. Although blessed with impressive intellectual powers, absorbing information may become more challenging and you may struggle to make the grade. That’s because serious Saturn will be touring your Skills Sector. Don’t panic when you encounter trouble. Instead, get additional instruction and form a study group. This will pay off handsomely at the end of December when Saturn moves into your Domestic Sector. You will experience some ups and downs in your home life this year. Authoritative Pluto’s continued presence in your Domestic Sector suggests power struggles with family members. Saturn will enter this sector on 19 December, intensifying household relations. As unpredictable Uranus remains in your Relationship Sector, if your romantic partner keeps unusual hours or will not stick to a schedule you may decide to live separately. D ramatic changes in your personal and professional lives may happen, starting 10 February, when a Lunar Eclipse occurs in your Professional Sector. This could mark an unexpected change, allowing you to step out of the spotlight and work behind the scenes. Escaping constant public scrutiny appeals to your sense of privacy. Six months later, on 7 August, a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your Domestic Sector. You may decide to relocate to a completely different neighbourhood. This tranquil haven will help you rest and relax more easily. Excitement builds to a head on 21 August when a Solar Eclipse attracts a remarkable career opportunity. Taking control of a technical division will be a welcome change of pace, and an excellent use of your managerial skills. Money could be tight due to restrictive Saturn’s tour of your Earned Income Sector until 18 December. Fortunately, you’re highly resourceful and will have no trouble living on a tight budget. Idealistic Neptune is touring your Romance Sector giving your personal life a fairytale quality and tremendous happiness. If you’re looking for love, you’ll find it easily after 10 October when expansive Jupiter moves into your Image Sector, sending your charisma into the stratosphere. When life gets frustrating, plunging yourself into studies can be liberating. Pluto, your ruling planet, is slowly travelling through your Learning Sector, giving you a welcome opportunity to delve deeply into a fascinating subject. If there’s anyone who loves unearthing compelling information, it’s you! Natalie is a powerful lightworker that will touch your life in a truly positive way. Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient Natalie has been involved in metaphysics since 1977. Natalie has completed a Social Work Degree, Meditation Certificates, numerous healing and self development courses and is a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist. She works with the loving energy and guidance from her Angels to facilitate readings, healings and development groups. Natalie’s experience has strengthened her connection and trust in the ‘process’ and the information she receives is surprisingly accurate. Patricia, Sydney, NSW: “Natalie is spot on!” Megan, Darwin, NT: “Natalie’s reading was unbelievable!” Catherine, Central Coast, NSW: “Everything that Natalie said was correct.” Olwyn, Lismore, NSW: “I’m blown away, Natalie described my physical ailments with complete accuracy.” Professional Member of the International Psychics Association. Natalie Norton-Baker Adelaide, SA ph: 08 8365 3656 mob: 0419 889 511 natalie@portalvisions.com.au Regular Psychic Columnist for THAT’s LIFE & SPHERES MAGAZINES. As seen on ‘Sunrise’ Join Natalie in 2017 for her acclaimed 2 day Self-Discovery Workshops in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. www.portalvisions.com 2005 PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR (SA) 2008 PSYCHIC HALL OF FAME AWARD 35