2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 34

20 1 7 YEA RLY H O R O S CO P E S BY KELLI FOX Kelli's favourite retrograde planets are Saturn and Pluto: they are good teachers in hindsight. LEO S ome powerful eclipses are slated to rock your world this year. A Lunar Eclipse on 10 February causes you to break a bad habit or end a self-destructive cycle. Joining a support group could make you feel happier and healthier than you have in years. On 7 August, an intimate relationship will reach a crossroads due to another powerful Lunar Eclipse. This is a great time to get engaged or married. If you’ve already taken the plunge, you and your mate may decide to end a way of life that no longer supports the relationship. This change should draw you closer together. Two weeks later, on 21 August, an empowering Solar Eclipse may prompt you to embark on a rewarding new beginning. A makeover or cosmetic procedure is also favoured. VIRGO Educational opportunities abound this year thanks to expansive Jupiter’s visit to your Skills House from 1 January to 9 October. Leos are blessed with impressive creative talent and studying with a talented teacher will help you take your writing, painting or design abilities to the next level. On 10 October, Jupiter moves into your Domestic Sector, allowing you to spend more time with your nearest and dearest. This appeals to your sentimental nature. Restrictive Saturn will be moving through your Romance Sector until 9 December. Don’t let your commanding personality break your partner’s spirit. Learning to compromise is critical to your relationship’s success. If you’re single, be willing to take a back seat to a love interest, at least occasionally. Infinite Wisdom with Maureen Perry 2010 Psychic of the Year (VIC) Mobile: +61 408 385 019 Email: maureen@infinitewisdom.com.au www.infinitewisdom.com.au L ove and money may be coming your way this year. Neptune continues its lengthy tour of your Relationship Sector, making you look at your partner with rose- coloured glasses. If you’re single, you may meet someone special around 26 February when a Solar Eclipse showers you with romance. Falling head over heels for someone spiritual, artistic and intuitive will give you a welcome sense of relief. Do you already have a partner? This date could mark an exciting new phase. It’s possible your mate will get a fantastic raise or glamorous work assignment, prompting you to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. You won’t only receive money through a close partnership, you’ll also make quite a bit yourself. That’s because expansive Jupiter will be moving through your Renowned Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant, Maureen Perry has been published, heard on radio and seen on television. She is well known for her spiritual work throughout Australia, as well as overseas. For over thirty years, Maureen has been doing spiritual readings and healings, as a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Maureen is able to see, hear and sense Spirit on many different levels of vibration. Maureen‘s book, Long Lost Brother, is designed to bring help and hope to all who feel lost and saddened after the passing of a loved one. “Wow... You are amazing. Thank you, yes, you have given me answers, peace and hope.” - Elseesa “Michelle you are always spot on! Amazing!” - Tanya Web: www.psychicmichelleconway.com 34 Home life may become demanding. That’s because restrictive Saturn will move through your Domestic Sector for most the year. Taking care of an elderly relative, special needs child or home-based business will weigh heavily on you. Fortunately, you’re a service-oriented person who takes pleasure in making other people’s lives easier. Your greatest challenge this year is to put your own needs first to avoid burnout. International Award-Winning Psychic Medium ◦ Transformational Healer Author ◦ Registered Crystal Light Healer & Shell Essence Practitioner Psychic / Medium Michelle Conway. Over 25 years experience. Often referred to as the gentle psychic. Michelle’s reading are accurate, caring and sincere. Michelle Conway Earned Income Sector between 1 January and 9 October. You are a natural craftsperson. During this fruitful period, you could sell your handiwork for a big profit; alternatively, you may land a high- paying job in the art, legal or hospitality industries. Once 10 October arrives, Jupiter will move into your Skills Sector, which greatly appeals to your intellectual side. Ballarat, Geelong and Regional Victoria Phone: +61 429 903 588 Email: psychicmichelleconway@gmail.com