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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 Synchronising with a Past Life By Simon Turnbull S ynchronicity can strike at the most surprising moments. In 1981, at home, reading through some books seated cross- legged on the couch, I looked across the room at a painting by Jean Tych I had inherited. It’s two metres wide and one metre down, quite large, an abstract he had done in his Kings Cross days. It has a spiral design as its main theme. As I looked at it, I began to experience a sort of daydream effect. What appeared to be a mist formed over the painting, and a group of people dressed in Ancient Egyptian clothing appeared superimposed over it. Soon they parted, and a man dressed in a more dignified manner walked forward. He pointed a sceptre of some kind at me and began to utter some words. I couldn’t hear anything clearly, but once again, telepathy played its role in events. I realised he was speaking in a tongue other than English. One word I identified sounded in my head as ‘maxeru’. He then pointed to himself and said what sounded like ‘khereb’, after which he pointed at me and repeated the word. I had no idea what he meant, so I wrote those two words down and hoped I could decipher them at a later stage. Less than ten minutes later, as I was still marvelling at this experience, a friend I had been waiting for rang the doorbell. I opened the front door and he handed over some books he had borrowed the week before. I rarely lend books because I hardly ever get them back, but Alex Friend was someone I could trust. To my utter amazement one of the three books was The Egyptian Book of the Dead*. I had completely forgotten I had lent it to him. After Alex left I rushed to look up the words I had written down. For those Heather often amazes her clients by giving ‘spot-on’ predictions for present and future issues, as well as clear connections to the spirits of loved ones. She is a clairvoyant and medium who has over 15 years experience as a professional psychic. She has many regular clients both on phone lines and privately. Heather gives honest and accurate readings and at all times respects the privacy of her clients. “It is amazing how Heather could see where my glasses were. She remote viewed from Australia and helped me to find them when I was visiting Japan.” - Hiromi, NSW Heather Alexander Spot-on Predictions Tyalgum NSW In Australia: 1902 250 041* Credit Card: 1300 663 986** alexjack54@bigpond.com Jackie Angel of Light Psychic / Clairvoyant Angel Tarot Readings Runaway Bay, QLD Phone: 0412 612 608 www.healingspheres.com.au 30 “I was shocked when her predictions came true within 6 months about buying house and my fiancé having a baby girl.” - James, QLD “Heather is a true spiritual being helping people of this planet.” - Mitchell, NSW Heather is available for party bookings at her country retreat in the beautiful Tweed Valley. For a phone reading with Heather, call +61 (2) 6679 3712 or +61 (0)418 116 365. *Heather’s Psychics 1902 250 041 $3.96 / min higher from mobile phones. Service provider: Access Positive **Credit Card line 1300 663 986 (from $3.10 /min). Please enter Operator ID No. 4182 to speak to Heather If you want answers with an Angel Intuitive who is accurate and honest... HAVE AN ANGEL TAROT READING WITH JACKIE Jackie tells it as it is with honesty, clarity and love. You will experience an in-depth reading with answers that are real and inspiring. Jackie is genuine, loving, and compassionate and she cares about your needs and feelings. Jackie channels the energy of truth and wisdom from her Holy Spirit and the Angels and you will reflect upon the messages received and feel empowered. Jackie has over 25 years experience and works professionally around Australia. Imagine knowing your life’s purpose, direction in relationships, career, finances and health to create the success you have dreamed of. Call Jackie now.