2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 3

Contents PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 Page 4 Editor’s Welcome Page 5 IPA in Review - Hiromi Mitsuya Page 11 IPA Psychic of the Year Awards Meet the 2016 Winners Page 18 Elisabeth Jensen Explores Prophecy and Alchemy In Ancient Egypt and Modern Times Page 20 Angels, Goosebumps and Kawena A Real-Life Encounter Page 27 Who gets the most from a psychic reading? Find out with Deniz Batuk Your Psychic Guide to 2017 Page 28 Gifts from the Gifted Enter our Monthly Prize Draws Page 6 Feel Your Way to Empowerment Suzy Cherub: Feeling others’ energy is an empathic gift. Empaths are tuned in to the invisible, so empathic qualities are magnificent magical gifts. Page 9 Prediction and Speculation Narelle Scurr: Just about anything you say about the future is speculation because no one knows what will happen — or do they? Page 14 Need Validation? Try Meditation! Page 32 Your Year by the Stars Astrology by Kelli Fox Page 38 Julie Jara’s Monthly Impressions and Techniques Page 40 2017 is your Number One Numerology by Robin Stein Page 41 Tomorrow’s News Today Our Top Predictions Page 42 The Wheel of 2017 Turn it in Your Favour Katy-K: I wanted evidence that the information I was receiving was from outside of myself and I asked my guides to prove themselves. Page 30 Synchronising with a Past Life Simon Turnbull: Reincarnation makes sense to me as it appears unlikely we could amass the kind of wisdom some of us possess in one lifetime. BONUS DIGITAL CONTENT PAGES 43 to 48 Do It Yourself Psychic Know-How Palmistry Loops: How to read palms with Kalyi Amoto Page 21 Make Your Psychic Abilities Work for You! Francis Bevan: The more aware you are of your intuition and sense of self, the more your psychic abilities will work for you. Design by Intent: A healthy start with Bryan Johnston Page 22 Praying for Change with Linet Amalie Get Activated with Anna Comerford and the Seven Psychic Clairs Page 24 Working with Sacred Signs Tracey Nichols: Whenever you are confused, emotionally tested, full of fear and doubt, try working with Spirit to receive sacred signs. Life at the Crossroads: Embracing the future with Victoria Cochrane The International Tarot Foundation's CARTA AWARDS Ego a Dirty Word? A matter of ethics with Suzanne Newnham 3