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PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 2017 ASTROLOGICAL DIARY IVERSE: THE ALIGNMENT OF THE UN RLDS WO R HE OT OM MESSAGES FR Five Copies to Give Away e Away Three Autographed Copies to Giv By Patsy Bennett RRP $14.99 www.astrocast.com.au Make 2017 your year with Patsy’s Astrology guide to the stars. Focus on health, wealth and happiness with up-to-date insight into major planetary alignments and what they will mean for you, including eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons and Sun sign forecasts throughout the year. by Victoria Cochrane RRP $17.99 www.victoriacochrane.com Channelled by Victoria Cochrane, Theta Healing® practitioner, Reiki Master and psychic channel, The Alignment of the Universe reveals previously unknown wisdom from Masters of Light and members of the Inter-Planetary Galactic council. Suzie Price 2016 Australian Psychic of the Year 2014 People’s Choice Psychic Psychic Spirit Medium Author Also known as Ghost Whisperer Suzie. Psychic and Holistic Services Buddhist Tarot Card Reader & Reiki Suzie Q Cairns, Queensland A u s t ra li a @heavenlyowls heavenlyowls@hotmail.com www.heavenlyowls.com.au Suzie is booked out well in advance for personal appointments and does live shows around Australia connecting people with their departed loved ones and bringing through clear detailed messages from spirit. As seen on “Studio 10“ performing live audience readings For more information or to make a booking visit www.ghostwhisperersuzie.com.au 29