2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 27

PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 How to Get the Most Out of a Reading By Deniz Batuk W ho gets the most from a psychic reading? I would argue it’s an optimist, someone who’s relaxed, keeps hope and is prepared to get in and feel better. My coffee cup and I are mere tools to guide you through the millions of available paths. I can direct you, but it is your choice to take my advice. I believe in my client’s intuition and insight. In most cases, I believe you already know the possible solutions to your problems, but hearing answers from someone else validates your inner feelings and gives you perspective. Although my speciality is traditional Turkish coffee readings, I use many techniques to help my clients such as reading objects, eyes and hands or connecting with spirits. Being able to see the past clearly can be more useful than looking into the future because sometimes we need to look back at critical junctures and reflect. In all cases, I aim to give my clients specific information they can relate to. For example, if I am connecting with a relative in spirit, W76vW2'72א666W2֖BB7G&vP7FFVVG26ƗWBbאWFB27B6F6f7F'FBFG&VFVG0G&FFǒWffVBg&Ц'F'G27V6f6ǐGVrpF0VpgR6~( 0Bf֖ǐFR&pG&VFV@`6&BBG&rW&W2खW'FW&( ĒfW'w&FVgVFfR&VV&V6VFV@F'''g&VBBvVBƖRF70F2&V6VFFF&Gv07W'&VFǒ7VffW&r''( 26W6RW&&wwrW'FW&PG&VFVB6vW0FvWFW"vF0''W'FW&PVFFV6VR&RfW'VffV7FfP#BFwVR&@BVVBRFvWB&BbגvW"&6vW7BVBCB&R'FFǒDԢv6v07VffW&rg&f"&WBV"( F&0FW&R2VVBFƗfRvF&V&W7VG2f"6&2B7'G2W'&6V66VFW"VRR&PVffV7FfRf"W67V"6VWF''7FRCss#C#BFwVR&BvW7BVB'&6&PW'FW&GVrr6~( 2f֖ǒ&rF0FvWBFR7Bg&&VFrf"7V6f726VW7F2FvWB&PFWFbR&RV6V"&W@6WFr&RVF6VVpW"W&Wg&WG6FW.( 0fWwBBF6RW gWGW&RvFF֗6BRखFRVB&Vv&FW72bv@762"RV6R62W"FW7F2W"G2f6BFV既ƖRBwwr6ffVV7W&VFw6ƖR6आV7F22FR&v@v&BFFW67&&RFP7BGvVfRF2F2FW 6FVrG'W7BfR&VVv&FV@FR762V^( 066Rv&BvFfFW26֖rg&Ч6W2fRWfW &VV( FW6WBf6R"P6W76>( Fp#b7&VF&ǐfV&RWW&V6Pf"RBג6@767FB6V'FR( 2FV既&GVvVVRBfW'67W&FP762VFV6'fB7&GV&VFW"BF&@f"7B&W6VBBgWGW&R( ( ( ( fRb&VF60f֖ǒbg&VG06&VW"bWFW7F琤&R2vVvB&W7V7FVB760v2fW'76FR&WBW"v&&fFRRWGFW"BFR&VFw27FBV&VFw2rf&RddR5D"d4T$$Ds&^( 2762V'@V&W"bFW&F7672766F&R'60RvB&RF6FVB)^)^)^)^)PVFcwwrW'FW&PwwrW'FW&P''W'FW&P#BFwVR&@vV6ƖVB6֖W2@6vVFvW2( VPvVBfR6BFB( Fv7fR@SrCssRS3&SC#P&S#F6Чwwr&W7766V'B6У#