2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 23

PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 CLAIRCOGNISANCE clear knowing This is a strong sense of just knowing. It’s when you get wisdom and information in the form of ideas and concepts that suddenly come into your mind. This knowingness seems to come from somewhere other than your own thoughts, although it can seem closely linked. Claircognisance is when you just seem to know something and it might feel uncanny but is usually accurate. CLAIRGUSTANCE AND CLAIRALIENCE clear tasting and clear smelling These are psychic abilities that are less commonly experienced. Clairgustance is when you taste something but there’s nothing in your mouth. Clairalience is smelling something when that smell is not around you. This happened to me one day after a builder arrived at my home to give a quote. We stood outside while he gave me his quote to repair my outdoor patio. I wasn’t sure about whether I would accept his quote, but a strong scent of my favourite incense wafted over my nose. I was perplexed as there was no incense burning anywhere near where we were standing. I realised it was the universe’s way of hinting at me to choose that builder. It was a fabulous sign from the universe; and yes, I went ahead and booked him. He did a wonderful job for a brilliant price! FOUR-STEP ACTIVATION SEQUENCE 1. Rainbow Cleanse: Imagine breathing rainbow colours into your body and out into the space around you. This will cleanse your energy field. 2. Beam of Light: Imagine a glowing white pillar of light beaming down from the sky above you. Move this light down through your body like a shining beam of light until it reaches down into the earth below you. Imagine this beam of light goes into the centre of the earth then returns back up through your body again and flows out through the top of your head and up a few metres. Continue bringing this pillar of light down into the earth again and up again. Allow this cycle to continue several times. This powerful light beam will create a vortex of healing, grounding and rejuvenating light, which will enlarge and enhance your aura and energy field. Feel the expansion around you. 3. Trance: Close your eyes and take several big belly breaths and slowly breathe in and out. Relax your shoulders and body. a) Breathe in for four seconds b) Hold your breath for four seconds c) Now breathe out four seconds d) Hold your breath for four seconds—then repeat the cycle again. Continue this relaxing breathing cycle. Do this five to ten times so your alpha and theta brain waves are activated. Have the intention that all your chakras are opening up in a healthy way for you. Feel deeply relaxed as you continue this slow breathing, in and out. Note: Ten of these deep belly breath cycles will take you into a relaxing alpha/ theta trance-like state. 4. Guidance: Ask your spirit guide/higher self to assist you clearly and effectively. Call them in three times as this is known to be more powerful. It’s like ringing up the spirit hotline to help you. They need three requests so they can connect better with your energy field and vibration. Now that you are tuned in, open up your clairs and connect to what you feel, sense, see, know, taste and smell around you. Sometimes I imagine I’m in a rainforest or surrounded by large crystals of energy as this helps me to tune into my clairs better. You might also like to play some relaxing music. Do what is best for you. Information from Palmistry Power: The Art of Reading Palms by Anna Comerford BEd, BHlthSc (CompMed). See www.annacomerford.com for more details. 23