2017 International Psychics Directory PD2017Digital - Page 22

P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 Activate Your Seven Psychic Clairs By Anna Comerford E veryone has the potential to psychically and intuitively use their extra senses to assist in tapping into a greater wisdom. I would like to introduce you to the seven psychic clairs. Clair is French and means ‘clear’. Which of the following senses do you think is the strongest for you? CLAIRSENTIENCE clear feeling and sensing (may be called clairempathy) This psychic sensing is linked to emotions and feelings. Clairsentience is often the first and easiest clair to develop as it’s linked to gut feelings and hunches. Most people are usually able to sense what’s going on around them. You may be able to sense if someone is sad or is not telling the truth. Our electrical nervous system has a psychic antenna that picks up different waves and vibrations of energy. 22 CLAIRVOYANCE clear seeing or vision You may experience psychic visions by having vivid dreams, visions, mental images and mini-movies that flash in your awareness. You may also see colours around people, plants and animals; have a good sense of direction; easily visualise solutions to problems; be good with visual-spatial problems and you may like rearranging furniture. Clairvoyant people may have prophetic visions or dreams of the future. This is called precognition. CLAIRAUDIENCE clear hearing This is one of the last clairs to develop. People who play instruments, sing or write ۙ\H\X[H]Y]ܞB^HX^HH]\œ[KY][Y\H\ۂX^HX\ۈYق[H\[[H [YY[[[\]JK\š\[YYHۘK[B\[HYH]\XX\[H[X\B\HHܚY HX\H[[HXHY^HZ[]^H\\Bۙ]]\۸&]^HY˂HX[\Y]\HYB][^YH\]\XB[]YH۝\][ۈx&Y\Y[[\KX[H\Y\BXH[]]HHYH\]\[[[K]X^HY[ZH]Y\H]YB[\XY[X^HH[BYHY\[]HHX][ۈو[\ۂYˈ\[[ۈ™][Y[\Z\]YY[B\YH[HX^HHXBX\\]\]8&\BX[H܈[X[HۙH^H\BX\[ˈY][Y\HX\XYXܙZ[ZY [H\[Y\]8&\[ܙBZH[[\]X܈[\]X˜[][X][ۈ]H8&X\&KRTSSBX\X[ X^HHۛۂ\XY]JB\\[\ܛHقZ\[Y[KZ\[[B\[[YXY]K]8&\[[H][ܛX][ۈBX[[ؚX \ۂ܈[[X[ ]X^HHHYH[ZK\[\YZ[Y[ۙH܈][š[HZ\\YHY[ۙB[K[HX^H]XXš[\\[ۜ[[H\B[Y[ۙH[x&\š][\K\XHو[܂H]\