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PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 Make Your Psychic Abilities Work For You By Francis Bevan H ave you ever thought about a friend you haven’t spoken to for months and then suddenly they ring you out of the blue? Or had a job offered you just when thinking you needed to make a change? Or been faced with an insurmountable obstacle, then unexpectedly met someone who gave you the very guidance needed to tackle it? If so, then you have experienced your psychic abilities at work. This is a gift that guides you along your life path and helps you tap in to your own intuition and spiritual sense. The more aware you are of your intuition and sense of self, the more your psychic abilities will work for you. 1) BE PRESENT Your psychic abilities and intuition happen more readily when you are in a somewhat free or playful state of mind. It is important to be in the present moment and to have your senses attuned outwardly. Be ready to respond to what you sense and encounter in a symbolic way, and allow yourself to be open to whatever connections or associations arise in your mind. 2) SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF Your psychic senses and intuition won’t seem to occur as readily when you are in an analytical or logical thinking mode. It is most important to be responsive to your intuition—it helps to follow your gut. 3) TAKE NOTICE You don’t have to be able to put your finger on why you might have had an intuitive feeling; the reason sometimes only becomes clear after the event. If it has meaning, it will make itself obvious later. Focus your intention while remaining open to answers that come your way. 4) KEEP A JOURNAL Recording your psychic hits helps increase their frequency and intensity. It can be worth noting whether you experience the intuitive feeling as mild, moderate or strong. It can also help if you record associations or any symbolic meaning you attach to the experience. What details or associations stood out the most to you? What was it about the experience that contributed most to the strength of your psychic connection? Even if you can’t explain why you sensed something, a compelling meaning could arise without effort in the future. Francis Bevan, celebrity psychic, author and presenter (www.francisbevan.com). Natural Born Psychic Clairvoyant. Qualified Life Coach. Holistic Counsellor. NLP Practitioner. Energy Healer. Reiki Master. Diandra offers stand alone sessions or an eclectic blend to suit your personal situation. Sessions are available by phone 7 days a week to suit your busy schedule. Working closely with spirit, Diandra delivers clear and accurate clairvoyant readings. She blends psychic impressions with a form of counselling and healing that will help you gain understanding, heal and transform your life, empowering yourself to be the best possible you. A Reiki Master, Diandra offers various forms of healing world wide including NLP, Chios, Crystal, Angel and Colour Therapy. Diandra Direct - Credit Card Bookings 03 9444 0239 or 0479 121 743 or 1902 213 213 $4.35 per minute. Pay/Mobile more *Telads “OMG, Diandra is so lovely and warm and caring and unbelievably accurate. I can’t express how wonderful the psychic reading and distance healing was or how in tune psychically Diandra was with all areas of my life. Diandra even picked up on a very recent injury. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Thank you Beautiful Diandra.” - Rochelle “I cannot recommend Diandra highly enough. She has been spot on in everything she said would happen. If anyone wants an accurate reading that is full of empathy and confidential then call this lady. She is amazing. xoxo” – Mandalee Diandra Australia and World Wide Psychic Phone Readings Dip Holistic Counselling NLP Practitioner. Dip Reflexology Dip Life Coaching. Reiki Master Phone: +61 (0) 479 121 743 or +61 (0) 39444 0239 Web: psychicreadings.Melbourne Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/psychicguidancebydiandra 21