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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 ANGELS, GOOSEBUMPS and ME By Kawena A s there is an incredible surge of angel energy back in full force to help bring more love, kindness and peace to the world, I have been guided for the very first time to write about my angel experiences. I realise this is an unusual story and not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is mine. angel oracle cards when, the first time it happened, I was sitting, watching TV and saw a movement on my left side. On turning, I saw a Chinese gentleman sitting on the lounge. His green and gold brocaded jacket was stunning. His head was quite bald but for a long plait around his shoulder and down his chest. It’s not easy to explain, but I heard and sensed in my head him telling me, ‘I am your main angel. I have been with you from the day you were born.’ I asked for his name and straight away I got, ‘ALIEL. I am your protector and guide.’ WOOSH! He disappeared and I haven’t seen him since, but when I need guidance I hear his distinctive voice in my head. Strangely enough, my other two angel encounters also occurred when I was watching TV. I’m often asked how I know that angels are speaking to me and that it’s not my imagination. The answer is these three angel voices are exactly the same in that they are nothing like mine or any other voice I have ever heard in my life. I have had three angel visions and not one angel had wings, which was quite a disappointment to my human side. I had only just recently changed from reading tea leaves to 20 When I need help or guidance, I have learned through experience to sit quietly after my daily meditation and have pen and paper ready to write down information so I don’t forget the messages. This is when they help bring in my weekly wisdoms. Sometimes affirmations come through. The words come through so fast I can’t stop to think about where to put commas or full stops and I have to do all that at the end. Thank God I’ve learned to keep a notepad and book next to me. Sometimes I’m woken up at 3 am in the morning to hear more information. In the middle of winter once, I tried to use a torch under the blankets because I didn’t want to get out of that warm bed! Another thing I have learned is that every time I get goosebumps it’s an angel’s way (or the universe’s way) of saying yes to a question or situation. Goosebumps are always positive, never negative. I sometimes get a few during readings or while mentoring. At different times I have felt them along my arms, or from my shoulders down my whole body, or even starting from the back of my neck t ѡѽ)MȁɕȰݡ)ԁЃaѡͥϊd剔)ӊéͥԁɔɅ)eȁ́ձ她)ѼЁȁѕѥ)ͥѥٔ݅)$ݥͅ䁡ɔͽѥ́)ٕ́Ʌ)ѱѡɥѥͥ)$ٔɥݥѠ)̸%ӊéЁ́)ѥх́ѥ$ٔѼ)Ё$ٔɕ)ɕЁѼѡɅ)䵕Ё啅ȁЁ'e)䁅Ёѡи)Iɔ-ݕe)ɥ́ȁ܁)̰͕յ́5)ɔɵѥЁܸ)ɝ̹