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PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 you know how to do it and then actually take the steps. Your own future is the easiest to change, so please remember to focus on positive changes for yourself first—meditation, energy healing and hypnosis are wonderful tools for self- alchemy. The goddess Auset with her powerful energy can be easily invoked to assist you. Simply sit quietly with her picture or statue in your hand, then chant in your mind, Auset, Auset, Auset, please come to me now. See her in your mind as wearing a white dress with blue energy wings and standing behind you. Then, ask her to send healing blue energy into your body and wisdom into your mind. Applying some good quality, sacred frankincense oil to your hands and brow first helps deepen your trance. After a few minutes of deep breathing and visualising Auset, you can then continue your meditations for direct inspiration or consult your tarot or oracle cards for guidance. In this relaxed state you can easily access your intuition. MODERN-DAY SCRYING FOR PROPHECY You can add spring water to a glass bowl along with a small, clear quartz crystal and a drop of frankincense oil for an instant and easy scrying mirror. You could also use an obsidian mirror, like Nostradamus did to see the future of the world, or gaze into a natural clear quartz crystal ball to activate your third eye ability. As a profession psychic, I always start my readings by invoking Goddess Auset before using my own oracle cards to answer the initial questions a client might have. I then hold my crystal ball in my hands to trance channel Auset—her words just flow through me. My obsidian mirror I use to scry for images of more everyday predictions, such as the stock market or future world events. For best results, before consulting oracle cards, it’s important to be in a relaxed trance state. If you have cards with pictures of gods and goddesses on them, before reading the card’s meaning from the guidebook, you can hold a card in your left hand, defocus your gaze, relax, then allow the divinity to give you a direct intuitive message. When reading for your clients you should know the cards well enough to just give them intuitive answers. In Ancient Egypt, no major decisions in the ruling of the country or in life were made without going through similar rituals. Today, we often feel upset when great difficulties affect us. But, perhaps, if we take the time out to meditate and scry and consult our favourite oracle cards, then listen to the powerful beings of light here to guide us, challenging situations could be averted or at least modified. With Blessings from The Goddess Auset Elisabeth Jensen is the principal of Auset Temple Healing and has visited Egypt nine times. She was voted Australian Psychic of the Year for 2010. Elisabeth is the author of Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards: Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards, and teaches divination, channelling, sleep temple hypnosis and Auset healing throughout Australia and Asia. Please visit www. elisabethjensen.com.au. K AWE NA /KawenaGordon www.expandingenergies.com.au 19