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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 PROPHECY AND ALCHEMY in Ancient Egypt and Modern Times By Elisabeth Jensen T he prophetess in a temple in Ancient Egypt was likely to be a highly-trained high priestess of the goddess Auset, skilled in seeing the future through scrying using a lapis lazuli or obsidian crystal mirror or water in a crystal bowl. The idea that the tarot comes from Ancient Egypt is not actually quite correct, but they did use hieroglyphic symbols on small pieces of papyrus scrolls as divination tools, so this would have been the forerunner of the tarot we use today. A strong connection to the divinities through assuming the god or goddess form, or trance channelling, as we know it today, was also essential. The prophets of the powerful Oracle Temple of Amun Ra in Egypt were mainly high priests who gave direct divine messages to those willing to track through the deserts for weeks or months to receive 18 guidance and blessings. Years of training in deep trance and allowing the divine beings to enter their bodies made it easy for the high priests to see the past and future and give voice- channelled messages plus solutions to difficult problems through the process of alchemy. ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ALCHEMY The process of seeing the future of a situation can be quite difficult if it’s not the answer the client wants. Indeed, in Ancient Egypt, prophecy was used more as a diagnostic tool and was not intended to be a complete process as many clients seeking readings with a psychic believe today. Through the process of alchemy, or sacred magic, the energy and Akashic Records of the situation and client can be cleared and changed to produce a more favourable outcome—today we might call this psychic healing and positive thinking. In the Sleep (or Hypnosis) Temples of Ancient Egypt, the mind of the client was cleared and programmed for both emotional and physical healing and success in their future life, as well as receiving energy for physical healing. This is a form of alchemy or converting dense energy to a higher vibration or turning lead into gold as such. For a widespread difficult situation, such as an enemy approaching to invade the country, much more energy to change the situation in the form of sacred magic was needed to prevent the enemy ever reaching the border. Again, this was possible through the benevolence of invoked gods and goddesses who could create an energy barrier of safety. PROPHECY AND ALCHEMY TODAY So how can we call on the ancient divinities and will they even speak to us today? There are so many gods and goddesses it can be quite confusing to know who to call for, but in reality they are one. The goddess Isis is the modern name for the ancient goddess of prophecy and alchemy called Auset, and she is seen as ‘the goddess of ten thousand names’ and is part of the divine feminine energy. The god Ptah is known as ‘the architect of the universe’, and I see him as the universal divine mind and all the gods are part of him. It’s wonderful though to know they all specialise in different aspects of helping us; so it does pay to call on, say, Goddess Hathor for marriage difficulties or on Goddess Bast, the cat goddess, when you just want to have more fun in your life. Most modern oracle card decks give suggestions o \[HYX[]X][ۜš[YNY\][[\[HXY[]8&\[^\\H™\H\܈H\]YHوH]X][ۋ[\]\H\^YH[H]HB\[H[[[B]\H]X][ۈ܈H]\Y