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PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 IPA MEMBER MILESTONES “In the family tree book, I noticed our ancestors had emigrated from the area mentioned in my assessment and had arrived in Australia on 19 May.” All throughout my spiritual development, I have always asked the spirit world to prove it, to give me evidence, and they always do. I encourage you to do the same. Katy-K is based in Hervey Bay and is the creator of The Modern Oracle. For more information visit www.katy-k. com. As an evidential medium Louise Hermann aims to provide proof your loved ones survive the process of physical death and continue to live in spirit form. Each year Louise travels to give demonstrations in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Newcastle and more. She also holds hosts a regular healing group and holds a full-time job in IT. Louise recently celebrated her 650 th public demonstration of mediumship. Congratulations to Louise and Team Spirit. Rosie Shalboub is the founder of Embrace and the Festival of Dreams. She is also a self- confessed chocolate addict and the author of the Chocolate Lover’s Message Cards. Rosie has been nominated in the category of Best First Work for an Author in the 2016 International Tarot Foundation’s CARTA Awards. Good luck Rosie – you have our vote! The MODERN ORACLE for the psychic of today An easy-to-use deck that is appropriate for all levels of experience. This vibrant deck of cards delivers practical guidance and clarity with a modern twist for today’s world. Developed over 5 years by Award-Winning Psychic, Katy-K* With beautiful imagery and clear, textual cues, this deck is a great tool for honing your intuition to receive clear, trusted guidance.  Specially moulded, custom-size deck that fits comfortably into your hand for easier shuffling  Guidebook  Sturdy Magnetic Flap Box  53 glossy cards  Gold edges for energetic protection  Yes & No cards  Tested for Accuracy  People and Timing Cards The Modern Oracle is one of our top ten sellers of the year with great feedback from customers on their accuracy and size. - Debbie (www.tarotopia.com.au) Thank you Katy, it was great using your cards. They are beautiful. All my students wanted them. - Maureen Murnan (Tutor, Arthur Findlay College) Second Edition Now Available The Modern Oracle for Today and the Future. For Relationships, Health, Study, Business, Finances, Travel, Spirituality & more. *2015 People’s Choice Award as voted by readers of the International Psychics Directory. WWW.KATY-K.COM 17