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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 you get one. He also tells me he comes from a certain part of England and that you will become aware of five things that happened on the same day in May.’ I was amazed and shared with her all I’d received in my meditation the day before. “Aunt Hilda had opened just one of her packing boxes and there on the top was my grandfather’s portrait. The man in the photo was the man from my meditation.” After returning to Hervey Bay, I found a phone number for my grandfather’s sister, Aunt Hilda, while cleaning out a drawer in my office. I had received this number many years before, but I had never met her. I kept trying the number, but no one answered, so I took it home and tucked it away safely thinking I would try again one day. The next morning, a voice in my head told me, ‘Phone Aunt Hilda.’ The voice was relentless. It was 6 am—too early—so I called at 9 am. It turned out she lived a few streets away from where I worked and had lived there for fifty years. And it was lucky I called. In two weeks, Egyptian Clairvoyant Wagih Samweil Mob: +61 414792038 2008 Psychic of the Year (VIC) she and her husband were moving to a retirement village, and there was no guarantee they would have the same number. Everything but their essentials were packed up in boxes. She thought she had a photo of my grandfather in there somewhere. She said she’d have a quick look, but I might have to wait for them to unpack at the new address. However, I didn’t have to wait until then to finally meet Aunt Hilda. She was so excited to hear from me and I went to see her the very next day. I was so nervous I took a dear friend with me. I pulled up outside the house and Aunt Hilda, a lovely old lady, greeted me lovingly and said, ‘Guess what? I found a portrait of your grandfather, William, on top of the first box I opened. Not only that, under it was a copy of our family tree. You and your sister are listed on it.’ Aunt Hilda had opened just one of her packing boxes and there on the top was my grandfather’s portrait. The man in the photo was the man from my meditation. During that visit I also came to realise the five things that happened on the same day in the same month. In the family tree book, I noticed our ancestors had emigrated from the area mentioned in my assessment and had arrived in Australia on 19 May (1). Aunt Hilda told me my father had died on 19 May (2) and that she was unable to attend the funeral as her son had been born that day (3). My parents had been married on 19 May (4), and by coincidence, my husband’s parents were also married on that day (5). Finally, I had proof that I really was connecting during meditation. This information could not possibly have come from my subconscious and it felt as though it was orchestrated by my grandfather from beyond. As a bonus, I also had the blessing of getting to know my great Aunt Hilda. One of the best Egyptian clairvoyants in Australia. Over 30 years’ experience. A high accuracy guaranteed in all psychic methods. Wagih or Sam has the ability to implement the 7000 year old traditions of ancient Egypt to solve problems in your everyday life. ∆ Help resolving relationship and family issues ∆ Removal of bad energy and karma ∆ Assistance in removing obstacles in your life path ∆ Egyptian Card Readings ∆ Spiritual cleansing and house cleansing As seen on TV Channel Seven News Channel Nine A Current Affair On the ACA website, Wagih has been proclaimed one of the most accurate and sought after psychics in Australia. Wheeler ́!Yѽɥ)ȁѵAЀȀ)ܹѥ卡ɹ乍()ɽՐȁѡ)%ѕɹѥ)A卡́ͽѥ