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PSYCHICS DIRECTORY 2017 how I would get one—but he assured me that he would get a photo to me as proof. He also said I would find out about five events that happened on the same day in the same month. Afterwards, I madly wrote down everything from that meditation in my journal. The next day, I had a spiritual assessment booked with a tutor called Janet Parker. At a spiritual assessment, they do a reading that discusses your spiritual path. I had not met this tutor before and had told no one of my meditation the day before. As my assessment started, Janet said, ‘I know this is supposed to be a spiritual assessment, and not proof of evidence, but I have a man here who says he is your grandfather and that his name is William.’ I told her I didn’t know enough about him to be able to confirm it to which she replied, ‘Well he is saying you have asked for a photo of him and that he is going to ensure “I was prepared to give my guides and meditation the opportunity to provide the proof I was looking for, once and for all. So, I enrolled in a course at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK.” Sara King Australian Psychic of the Year 2015 PSYCHIC MEDIUM …I sense and see those that have passed… INTERNATIONAL MEDIUM Readings on PsychicTV • Skype show on PsychicToday.uk With the wisdom of hindsight Sara realises that the things she knew and the colours she saw as a teenager, were really the gifts of being a medium, which she has developed into a fulltime, professional mediumship career. With a combination of mediumship, tarot cards and psychometry, Sara’s connection with her Guides, gives you a reading of depth and insight enabling you to move forward in your life. Sara lives in Orange NSW, reading locally for country and outback NSW as well as doing phone and Skype readings around Australia. She teaches classes and workshops to help others develop their intuition and psychic ability and Sara visits homes to clear houses of spooky visitors. j Personal, phone, Skype or group readings j Classes and Workshops j Psychic readings for love, career, business j Clearing houses of spooky visitors j Mediumship readings to connect you with those passed Email: enquiries@saraking.com.au or connectionswithsara@live.com www.saraking.com.au 15