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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 Meditation and Validation by Katy-K F or many years, I doubted whether I was actually connecting to the spirit world and wondered if my ‘guides’ were just my subconscious mind telling me what I wanted to hear or know. I was reluctant to take my ability seriously and would think: what if I am just wasting my time and not really achieving anything? To say I was sceptical is an understatement, but doubt didn’t stop the messages from coming. Unless I was convinced the information was truly from spirit, how could I trust or be guided by it? But then, to reject messages that were from a wise and loving source would be just as foolish as blindly accepting my own thoughts as higher guidance. Meditation is an awareness tool. It can help us to know our minds and better distinguish between the thoughts and impulses that are coming from ourselves and the messages or inspiration that might drift in from an external source. At least, that is what I had read. Meditation never really came easy to me as it was something I was not used to. The only form I knew was from self-help books and audios of guided meditations. When endeavouring to meditate without the convenience of a guided meditation, I would close my eyes and see nothing … nothing but darkness. Then I would start wondering how much longer I would have to sit there for. If I couldn’t even meditate, how could I be connecting to my guides and how could I make any spiritual progress? I wanted evidence that the information I was receiving was from outside of myself and I asked my guides to prove themselves. I also wanted to know I had the ability to meditate and that my efforts were not just a waste of time. I was prepared to give my guides and meditation the opportunity to provide the proof I was looking for, once and for all. So, I enrolled in a course at The Arthur Findlay College in the UK. My first course was with talented medium, Paul Jacobs. For the whole week, we met every morning before class and meditated for thirty minutes. At Paul’s meditation session, he would sit at the front of the room and watch to ensure we sat in stillness with no movement and in total silence. We were led to believe that non-attendance would not reflect well on us, so each day I would dutifully attend. The first day was the hardest of all. I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do while sitting in silence with just my thoughts, but I just went with it wondering how long I had been sitting there and how much longer I would have to be tortured! I was scared I’d nod off to sleep and didn’t truly relax. But as the week went on I became more comfortable and actually grew to enjoy time out from the world, and I faithfully promised myself I would continue this practice every day for the rest of my life. But it didn’t happen! Whilst I had good intentions, I had a young family in the house and there would always be something else more pressing. Later that same year, at Paul’s recommendation, I went back to The Arthur Findlay College to attend his advanced course. This time I was blessed to have Dr Brian Robertson as my tutor. Brian is from Canada and a lovely gentle soul. The other students talked about his amazing healing powers so I looked forward to having him as a tutor. In one of his classes he took us through a meditation that led us down a misty path to settle on a bench in a park. When the mist cleared, you would be able to see a loved one from the spirit world sitting opposite you on that bench. I went into this meditation easily and as the mist cleared I saw a middle- aged man as real as could be. ‘Who are you?’ I asked. I probably should have said hello first! ‘I am your grandfather, William,’ he replied. I didn’t know him, but I thought he looked a little like my dad and a little like my husband’s Uncle Harry. 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