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P SYC H I C S DI R EC T O R Y 20 1 7 2016 Psychic Hall of Fame Award T he Hall of Fame Award is open to members of the International Psychics Association who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the psychic field. Each recipient has a minimum of thirty years’ experience in their craft. Shining the Light on Joy Atkinson and Cliff Dorian 2016 Hall of Fame Award Recipients Interview by Nic Skuja J oy and Cliff founded The Lighthouse Spiritual Centre in North Randwick, Sydney, in 1984. Originally founded as a spiritualist church, the centre offers a comprehensive range of psychic, spiritual and healing services to the community. In the early days of the Australian Psychics Association, Joy and Cliff offered their support and their premises for meetings and lectures. During the transformation from the Australian to the International Psychics Association, their friendship with Simon Turnbull and their relationship with the organisation became stronger. You’ve both had an incredible career spanning over three decades. What have been some of your highlights and fondest memories? Joy: Many of our clients and students who started exploring their spirituality with us have gone on to become professional psychics, healers and clairvoyants with successful careers. Others have been drawn to do demonstrations in the spiritualist church and have successful careers as mediums. Our classes show people how to contact their loved ones in spirit and how to control the direction their paths take. Our classes have also provided a supportive atmosphere for many people who have no family. The more of us in medium work the better it is for the whole of society. Dianne Parker Awaken to Spirit! Mona Vale & Coffs Harbour, NSW Phone: +61 403 411 411 dianne@statesofgrace.com.au www.statesofgrace.com.au she could to get a message through. Melissa said, ‘You have just given me that message, thank you so very much.’ This is just an example of how spirit works. We travelled all the way from Sydney to Los Angeles. Tara had the urge to visit The Queen Mary and to have high tea in the restaurant where Melissa worked. Her mother was somehow able to coordinate all of this so she could get the promised message through. It was a connection I don’t think any of us will ever forget. In 2015, Cliff and I went to Los Angeles for a month with our daughter Zoe and friend Tara. On our last day, we visited the cruise ship The Queen Mary and had high tea in the ship’s restaurant. When our waitress, Melissa, started to serve our refreshments, we gently let her know her mother was with her. Melissa told us her mother had passed away suddenly, just over a year before on her twenty-first birthday, and that she missed her very much. We brought through messages from her mother. As we were leaving, Melissa confided that her mother had had a feeling she wasn’t going to have a very long life, and had promised that if she did pass on, she would do everything The 1980s must have been an amazing time to be involved in the psychic field. It must have been interesting watching the industry grow and change shape. What insights can you share with our readers for navigating the psychic arena? Joy Atkinson with Melissa in the restaurant on The Queen Mary Dianne Parker runs the States of Grace College for Psychic & Mediumship Development on the Northern Beaches. Dianne is a Psychic, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium, an experienced Meditation Guide, Psychic Artist, accredited Spiritual Healer and Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. Since 2000, Dianne has studied and tutored in Australia and Internationally. She lovingly shares her spiritual wisdom and knowledge, mostly gained from the acclaimed Arthur Findlay College in London. Dianne tutors with unconditional love and compassion to encourage the awakening of the spirit within. She nurtures the unfoldment for every student of their psychic potential, bringing wholeness and balance to body, mind and spirit. Doreen Van Boxtel Psychic QɽЁIȁ9յɽиIM5ѕȁQȸ)-ݱ́%єɕ͕́ȁ ͕ѥ ɅՑѥݥѠ)QɽЁɑ́9յɽѼݕ́Ѽեԁɕ)ɕȰٔɕѥ́͡ȁ̸ɕ́)ͥєЁ!QɽЁ9յɽ䁙ȁٕȁݕ䵙ٔ啅̸)5ɹY% )ܹչ鵽蹍)չ鵽蹍)5耬ĀԀ() ́5ѕȁQȸQȁ!Qɽа9յɽ䰁́ х̸)Aɽͥ5ȁѡɅI ѥɅՅє ե́ѡմ)Aɽͥ5ȁѡ%ѕɹѥA卡ͽѥ5ȁ%% P)ͽѥɅAɽ̸ͥ Ё%X͕ϊd]QɅ