2017 Holiday Toy Guide 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide - Page 38

The 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide CharleneChronicles.com Word Rush Game Think Quick! Brand: Tactic Games MSRP: $19.99 Buy: Barnes and Noble Ages: 8+ Quick! Find a word before the time runs out! Place nine letter cards on the game board, turn a category card and set the timer in motion! Think fast to come up with words that start with one of the letter cards and match the category for that round! The sand timer is flipped with every new word, so you'll need to hurry up before the time runs out. It is very simple game play, so it’s classic game without a lot of complex themes! Skip the sand timer for younger players and focus on processing function vs. speed. Count how many words they get vs. how fast they do it for a game of skill vs. speed. Skip the category card and just see what words a player can find! With the variety of ways to play, and skills developed, it made it into this hot toy list!