2017 Holiday Toy Guide 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide - Page 108

The 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide In the Bag CharleneChronicles.com Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts Brand: Wicked Cool MSRP: $3.99 and up Buy: Amazon.com Ages: 3+ The Little Sprouts world is bustling with little pals and big fun! Little Sprouts are mini-figure versions of the classic Cabbage Patch Kids. Collect little friends or little pets. (It might take you awhile - there are over 120 to seek and find!) Play with them on their own or use one of the playsets for an exciting new adventure every day! Playsets include a vet center and school. Collect the Little Sprouts either in one blind pack ‘cabbages’ or in sets of 4 or 8. Super cute, not only for kids, but for adults who would like a little nostalgia on their desk! Easily portable for kids to play on the go at restaurants, waiting rooms, and more.