2017 Holiday Toy Guide 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide - Page 106

The 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide The Scientist CharleneChronicles.com Merge Cube Hologram in Your Hand Brand: Merge VR MSRP: $14.99 Buy: Amazon.com Ages: 10+ The Merge Cube merges the physical and digital worlds using augmented reality technology and the powerful camera and sensors in your mobile device. It’s the first object of its kind, and it’s fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology. It is the world’s first holographic toy you can hold in the palm of your hand! Now you can hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand, examine fossils and ancient artifacts like a real archaeologist, watch as a volcano erupts before your eyes, and play games in ways never possible before! Pick up VR/AR Goggles for an immersive experience or just use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.