2017 Holiday Toy Guide 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide - Page 102

The 2017 Holiday Toy Gift Guide The Scientist CharleneChronicles.com Circuit Scribe Maker Kits Brand: Circuit Scribe MSRP: $15.99 and up Buy: Amazon.com Ages: 8+ Circuit Scribe puts the power of electrical conductivity into a pen, making the joy of creating circuits available to everyone who can doodle. Explore circuit concepts and switches, working up to creating touch-sensitive circuits of your very own design! The kits are ready to go right out of the box, and the famous, non-toxic, conductive silver ink pen can write on just about any surface. Start small with their mini-kit or go big with their developer kit. It is a product that can help kids (and adults) learn logic too. Have fun playing on a weekend or pick on up for a science project. Great adult gift too!