2017 Economic Development Annual Report 2017 Economic Development Annual Report - Page 4

Annual Report - 2016/17 Garner Economic Development Business Attraction 52% Fifty four new projects, worth over $2.5 billion in new investment, came through of attraction proposals came from advanced manufacturing companies looking for space in Wake County the Economic Development Office in 2016-17 - an increase in project activity from the previous year. The prevalence of manufacturing-related projects signals the growing trend of re-shoring - bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States from overseas. The department is working with the Garner Economic De- velopment Corporation to position the Garner Technology Center Site (GTCS) for prime development opportunities. $1,106 5,117 $557 $518 2,149 1,180 874 $166 860 ESTIMATED JOB CREATION BY INDUSTRY I ndustry IMPROVED EXPANDED AMERICA NATURE INDUSTRIAL SPACE STOCK America opened their corporate Improved Nature, manufacturer of an innova- Duke Realty has constructed 151,000 sq. ft. headquarters in March 2017. The move con- tive new meat substitute, opened their plant of new industrial spec space in Greenfield solidated their North American operations in on Vandora Springs Road in 2017. Their reno- North. With a vacancy rate below 5%, Duke a $2 million facility that will add 15 new jobs. vation of the 30,000-sq. ft. former grocery Realty adds much needed square footage to store will bring 30 new jobs to Garner. the tight industrial/warehouse market. PROPOSED INVESTMENT BY INDUSTRY (in $ millions) P rojects S ubmitted P roposed I nvestment P otential J obs Advanced Manufacturing 28 $1,106,050,000 5,117 Biotech/Pharmaceuticals 7 $518,000,000 1,180 Food Processing 7 $557,000,000 Distribution 2 Other Industries 2016-2017 T otals 2 $188 STOCK T ype of S pace S pace R equests S q . F t . N eeded A cres N eeded Class A Office 4 283,000 60 Data Center 1 20,000 5 874 R&D/Laboratory 1 30,000 - $166,000,000 860 Industrial 28 3,092,000 100,197 10 $ 188,400,000 2,149 Land 23 836,000 1,962 54 $2,535,450,000 10,180 T otals 57 4,261,000 102,224 F ocus on : SITE DEVELOPMENT In October 2016, AT&T recognized GTCS & Greenfield Park South as “Fiber Ready” sites. Garner’s sites were some of the first to receive this designation in Wake 6VGv6vVgW'FW"FRFWfV&ƗGbFR&W'FW20