2017 DEM Annual Report DEM_2017_Annual_Report - Page 6

DEPARTMENT HIGHLIGHTS _________ ____ POST 53, 54 and 55 Dispatch Academy Graduations Meeting the national standard to answer 90 percent of 9-1-1 calls within 10 seconds demands a fully staffed dispatch center. DEM has made hiring, training, and retaining dispatchers one of its top priorities to meet the national standard in the face of the increasing call volume experienced over the past several years. In 2017 DEM conducted its highest number of Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) Dispatcher Academies ever: POST Academies 53, 54 and 55. Thanks to these academies, DEM has 37 additional dispatchers. DEM is committed to its mission to hiring and retaining outstanding public safety dispatchers. One factor supporting the ability for increased POST Academies was adding additional training capacity, so two POST Academies could take place concurrently. However, the process is rigorous to ensure our City’s dispatchers are the best in the field. Dispatcher training begins with eight weeks of the Police Officer Standards and Training Academy where candidates learn San Francisco Police Department radio codes, review phonetics, learn how to navigate through the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system, and complete the Public Safety Dispatchers’ Basic Course Curriculum. They also must achieve mastery of the City’s g [ܘ\KY[\][[HYYX[[\H[\وH[\][ۘ[XY[^Hو[Y\[B\] [H\ܛH][[Y]\[YH[[\[X\YZ[[[؜\BۋY]HSH\]\ˈH[[YH[Y\YH[۝و[ۚ]ܙY[\[Y\XH\]\\XYHHHSHXXY]H\]\H\[\\]\Z[[Z\\[۝˂ RY[\X[Y[ڙX\YX\\]BH]H\]\[XZ[Z[[[Y\[HY[\[B܈\\ۙ\HXH[][X]H[[[K\œ\[H\ܝ[ܙH[ \\Y[[]YBY[Y\ˈH\[\[H\]]Y[[Y[\YH[[\XH[\H\ۛ[\HXZ[˜[[[XXKY\\XXY]H[\X[]K\YX\SHY[H RY[\X[Y[ڙX B\^[]X]]H[[X[HZZ\][\[[][[\ݙYY[܈\\ۙ\[[Yݙ\YHY]H]K[ۙ\HXZ[[[B܈H[\H\[KHڙX۝[Y\XZHܙ\[Y[H\X][ۈو]œܝXHY[ N]H\\Y[[]\[ێ[\ܘY\H]\[YZ[\][ۂJH][Y[]N[\ܘY\H\[\Y[]\Y]H]H\H[\^B][X\]Y\][ۈH[و N XZHHY[[[\&\KLKLK LKLK[XHۋQ[Y\[BXXYX][ۈ[\ZYۂۛH \[وKLKLH[\H܈XX[[Y\[Y\˂H[XZ[[ \[\HXY[[X[܈[][H\XY LKLK]]\H[KLKLB܈ۈ[Y\[H]X][ۜY[ۙH^\Y[[B\KYYX[ ܈XH[Y\[HX^H]HZ]܂\\[KXۚ^[HYY܈XXYX][ۂ[]\[\X][[KLKLK LKLK܈XBۋQ[Y\[KH[[\\و\\\ܜ˜[]Y L [H MLN܈HKLKLHXXYX][ۂ[\ZYۋ\[XZHHY[][Y[Y][ [ [Y[ܛX]ˈH[X[ۈ\[\NY\KLKLH]Z[XH܈[Y\[Y\ˈ\HXHۋY[Y\[B[ LKLHX\]H\\\[[ܛX][ۋHXZHHY[[\ZYۈY][\Y[Y\Y[[]XY[[X[]\[\ [šۛۈ\]X[KX]\HKLKLHXZ]\Hو[\ܝ[\XZZ[ \H[[B\XY LKLH܈XHۋQ[Y\[JHXZHHY[\Yۈ][\XZZ[HY\[[XX\]وY\[HY^\\H^[YK[HH[\ZYۈ][ XZHHY[\XYBHZ[[ۈ[\\[ۜY][K\\^YY][]\B][H\[\Y\\Yۈ\\[[\^B\XHY[][ۜˈH[\ZYۈ[۝[YHY] NXH[[Y][ܛX][[\\ۈ\[˜[][]H][˂\\\܈X\ۈ\[\[YHSH^\[YZ\X[KYH[\[[ܘK]B\و\\\ܜ[Y[][ۈ܈HXZHHY[KLKLHXXYX][ۈ[\ZYۋ