2017 Dawson City Film Festival Film Fest program - Page 31

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 11 AM SCRIPTWRITING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH GAIL MAURICE at YUKON SOVA, 3rd and Queen Using personal images to create poetic pieces. Writers tend to have a common theme that surfaces over-and-over again. Writing what you know. Writing from personal experience. Writing without restrictions or thoughts of structure. Trust your instincts and gut. Don’t force your writing, don’t try to steer it in a direction it doesn’t want to go. Your characters may surprise you because of the choices they make. Participants come with a paragraph or two of an event that was significant in their life, a memory, or something that changed them. We’ll put these anonymously into a bin and pick a couple to discuss as a group. Then everyone will have 20mins to write a scene or two about them. It will be interesting to see all the versions people come up with. The original writer of the initial paragraph can identify himself or herself if they want to. Gail Maurice is an award-winning independent filmmaker who has written, directed and produced 8 films. She grew up in a Métis village in Northern Saskatchewan and speaks her language Cree/ Michif fluently. Gail is passionate about telling indigenous stories and stories with strong, female subjects or characters. She is currently at work on a feature-length documentary about her 102 year old Grandma Nokum, and will soon be in pre-production for her next short drama Rosie, a bilingual film set in both Toronto and Montréal. Gail attended the prestigious Women in the Director’s Chair in Banff, was a guest speaker at Privy Council, performed at the Sydney Opera House with a small group of Indigenous women, received awards acknowledging her contributions and work as an Indigenous filmmaker, and has sat on numerous panels and juries. Her films have screened at Sundance, the Smithsonian Institute and festivals worldwide, her latest film Assini screened on Air Canada’s in-flight entertainment system and was nominated for 4 Golden Sheafs at the Yorkton Film Festival: Best Short Drama, Best Aboriginal Film, Best Director, and the Ruth Shaw Award (Best of Saskatchewan). It was shot entirely in the village of Beauval where she grew up. Assini won the Audience favorite award at the 2016 DCISFF. FREE EVENT 31