2017 Dawson City Film Festival Film Fest program - Page 28

SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 11:30 PM CHEVONNE OF THE YUKON A live peformance by Dawson’s Queen of Burlesque! “THE TALK” TRUE STORIES ABOUT THE BIRDS & THE BEES Alain Delannoy, Manitoba, 9m, animation The memories of several individuals have been caringly recreated in order to best present the awkwardness of one of life’s strangest occurrences. SUNDOWN James Healey, Yukon, 9m, narrative Originally made in just 48 hours for the Yukon 48 Hour Film Festival, a Father and Son struggle to reconnect after years apart as unknown forces plot against them. TALES OF THE PSYCHOPOMP David Curtis, Yukon, 5m, narrative Psychopomps are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. CORPS ÉTRANGERS Nicolas Brault, Quebec, 4m, experimental Foreign bodies was created using video light painting and modern medical imaging (CT, MRI, cryosection), generating a mythical landscape of transparent bodies, and instilling a sense of strangeness that our own bodies can sometimes inspire. 28