2017 Dawson City Film Festival Film Fest program - Page 19

YOUTH SCREENING LA CHAISE Kate Crocker/Jack Amos/Sarah Nyland, Yukon, 3m, narrative Wallace lives an ordinary life, until one day, he bought the psychotic chair. QUIET TOWN Gil, Sam and Mo Bradet, Yukon, 1m, animation A not so quiet town IN OUR VOICE Gabrielle Perreault/Louve Gouaillier, 8m, Yukon, documentary Yukon Youth speak out in their own proud voice. LILLY HITS THE ROAD The Bum Family, Alberta, 5m, animation Lilly, a 10 foot tall orange monster, and her adorable friend Fluffle are ab- ducted by aliens. An epic adventure ensues as they try desperately to return home in the nick of time. CHIPMUNK HOVEL Tess Crocker, Yukon, 2m, narrative Peek inside the chipmunk hovel and learn what this fictional society of chipmunks do. THE SPIRIT AND THE MASKS Yukon, 10m, animation A group of Yukon youth get together and tell an old story. THE ELIMINADORA P.J. Gaynard , USA, 19m, narrative The Eliminadora is the inspiring story of a little girl with a big dream to be a luchadora, who proves that she has what it takes, and becomes a hero along the way. FREE EVENT 19