2017 Dawson City Film Festival Film Fest program - Page 18

SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 2 PM PEANUTS SQUIRREL TRAILERS Randall McKenzie, NWT, 3m, documenatry Peanuts Squirrel stars in 3 movie trailers. RETURN George McConkey, Yukon, 2m, animation A family gets outside and witnesses the sun as it finally breaks over the hill which has blocked it for approx 5 weeks in the winter. The excitement and joy of the returning sun provokes dancing and other spontaneous acts of joy. GIRLS ROCK CAMP April Aliermo(d), Annie Kierans(p), Yukon, 5m documentary Kids in bands are always cute. But this all-girl supergroup from the Yukon is also about strength, identity and history OGRESS OF THE GRAVEL BANK Neil Christopher, Nunavut, 3m, animation This cruel being was known to lure children into her lair and trap them there. All that perish in that cave remain there as spirits and animated corpses. This short vignette introduces viewers to this malevolent spirit who is unknown to all but the people of the far north. SEEING EYE DOG Tess Crocker, Yukon, 2m, narrative Sadie, the almost blind dog, always invisions her meek plan of dog kibble as delicious meals. Until one day... ARCTIC WINTER GAMES Kate Crocker/Jack Amos, Yukon 4m, documentary Ten Dawson kids go on an eye widening trip to Greenland representing Team Yukon. They played six different sports and come back medal bearing and proud to be Yukoners. OWL AND THE LEMMING Roselynn Akulukjuk, Nunavut, 4m, animation In this traditional story, a young owl catches a lemming to eat. FREE EVENT 18