2017 Dawson City Film Festival Film Fest program - Page 15

BEYOND THE AURORA IT’S MY FAULT Sha Liu, China, 5m, animation After the compression of the spiritual world by the force of regulation, there will follow a series of emotions such as introspection, violence, self-destruction, and untangling. This work utilizes the approach of the digital medium itself to deconstruct, to form the subliminal synesthesia visually and to create a fictional experience for the mind. MARIO Tess Martin, USA, 4m, animation In Italian playgrounds a song is chanted that dates back to World War I. This paint on glass animation tells this dark tale of a soldier who returns home from war to find his girlfriend has left him. TIPPING POINT Stephanie Young, 7m, drama Riley is a socially-awkward barista who is crushing hard on Piper, an attractive customer who always seems to over-tip. Despite encouragement from Brad, their outgoing coworker, they don’t think they stand a chance. When they see her performing at a burlesque show, they are given the opportunity to overcome their shyness and tell her how they really feel. NUTS Theo Sena, USA, 4m, drama A man wakes up and fixes a world that isn’t broken (Film begins with 15 seconds of sound over black) 15