2017 Dawson City Film Festival Film Fest program - Page 13

UP RIVER SONÁMBULO Theodore Ushev, Quebec, 5m, animation A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem ‘Romance Sonámbulo’ by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights. TENNIS STORY Tyson Caron, Manitoba, 16m, documentary K Dog and The Douglas have been tennis partners for over 30 years. Each year they prove that health and age are obstacles that can be challenged and overcome. With The Douglas’ health deteriorating, will this be their final season playing at McFadyen Park? SOMMARNATT Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Sweden, 29m, drama The film follows three young girls’ activities during a festive summer night in the northern part of Sweden. The girls are attending a party in a big old house, where both the previous owners oddly enough were one-eyed. Come early and get some great food from our concessions prepared by 13