2017 ANNUAL REPORT College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia CPTBC AR 2017 - Page 13

Practice advice is a valued service available to all registrants. Staff respond, via telephone and email, to a growing number of questions on professional practice issues. The CPTBC collects and uses practice advice data to generate additional resources for registrants. This service will continue to expand in 2018. PRACTICE ADVICE PRACTICE ADVICE AND SUPPORT 2017 PHONE CALL RESPONSES TO PRACTICE ADVICE QUESTIONS 373 EMAIL RESPONSES TO PRACTICE ADVICE QUESTIONS 476 10 HOT TOPICS IN 2017 1 2 3 4 5 Telehealth Scope of practice Concurrent treatment Support workers: supervision, accountability, and scope of practice 6 7 8 9 10 Marketing: use of the term specialist or term implying specialist Incorporating and billing for new treatments or models of doing business Complex issues: conflicts of interest, ethical dilemmas, professional boundaries, or patients at risk Discharging patients: patients with chronic health issues, challenging therapeutic relationships or an adverse patient event Social Media: Privacy laws: release of records, photos, appropriate use for physical therapists and social media posts College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia 13