2017 Annual E-Report 2017 Annual E-Report - Page 16

HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF INITIATIVE HURRICANE HARVEY DISASTER UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend (WFSCB) have been helping and serving workers and self-employed individuals who have been unable to work due to Hurricane Harvey. TWC Commissioner Ruth Hughs was at the Staples Career Center on August 31st to announce the Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) available for the Coastal Bend Region. In addition, WFSCB has been deploying two Disaster Relief Employment Assistance Mobile Units throughout the Coastal Bend region delivering needed workforce services to cities and counties impacted by the disaster. A special thanks to Workforce Solutions Cameron and Workforce Solutions Borderplex for providing the units immediately after Hurricane Harvey hit the area. These mobile units present a "Workforce Center" on wheels equipped with computers, wi-fi, printers, and copiers to help area residents file for unemployment, apply for relief worker positions and for other workforce services. TRI-AGENCY REGIONAL FORUM/PRESS EVENT WFSCB in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission hosted a regional forum on September 21st to discuss Workforce Needs To Support Communities Impacted By Hurricane Harvey. Mike Morath, Commissioner of Education at the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Raymund Paredes, Ph.D., Commissioner of Higher Education at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Texas Workforce Commissioners Ruth Hughs and Julian Alvarez participated in this regional meeting with employers, chambers, economic development corporations, local workforce boards, Independent School Districts, community colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, industry, foundations, local leaders and other stakeholders to: 1) Work together to implement strategies to quickly put Texans back to work. 2) Develop and implement strategies to upskill the Texas workforce and rebuild local communities. 3) Create training models that will sustain the dynamic industries in the impacted areas. COASTAL BEND AT WORK: RECOVER, RE-EMPLOY AND REBUILD WFSCB knows getting people back at work is vital to recover, re-employ and rebuild our communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Initiative is designated to rebuild impacted cities, counties, schools and other eligible damaged property. This initiative provides a basis to ensure an effective workforce response system to create temporary jobs by assisting with clean-up, recovery and humanitarian efforts in the Coastal Bend region. AT 15 RECOVER RE-EMPLOY REBUILD Provided by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) National Dislocated Worker (NDW) Disaster Grant, these targeted funds support the temporary employ ΅•ΉΠΉ••‘́₯ΈΝΑ•₯™₯Œ½ΥΉΡ₯•Μ‰δέ½Ι­₯Ήœ)έ₯Ρ ½Ω•ΙΉ΅•ΉΠ…Ή½΅΅ΥΉ₯Ρ䁉…Ν•½Ι…Ή₯ι…Ρ₯½ΉΜΡΌ₯‘•ΉΡ₯™δ)ΕΥ…±₯™ε₯Ήœ©½‰Μ…Ή½ΉΉ•ΠΕΥ…±₯™ε₯Ήœ‘₯Ν±½…Ρ•έ½Ι­•ΊѼ™₯±°Ρ‘½Ν”)©½‰ΜΈ