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EAT & DRINK SAVOR LOCAL FLAVORS BACK PORCH MARKET 135 Colfax Ave., Grass Valley CIRINO’S AT MAIN STREET 213 W. Main St., Grass Valley HAPPY APPLE KITCHEN Hwy. 174, Chicago Park LA GASTRONOMIA 104 E. Main St., Grass Valley LAZY DOG CHOCOLATERIA 111 Mill St., Grass Valley THE OLIVE GROOVE 126 Mill St., Grass Valley THE TRUFFLE SHOP 408 Broad St., Nevada City TREATS 110 York St., Nevada City RIVERHILL FARM 13500 Cement Hill Rd., Nevada City Backporch Market S WHEYWARD GIRL CREAMERY 209 Commercial St., Nevada City EEKING OUT PLACES TO PURCHASE interesting food can be delicious and fun. For example, visit Back Porch Market in Grass Valley. Discover an array of imported items, cured meats, cheese, prepared entrees and gourmet sandwiches. Also check out La Gastronomia on East Main Street which has fresh Italian specialties to take home, carefully selected bread, deli meats and cheese, as well as sandwiches. You also have the option of building your own. In the heart of downtown Grass Valley is The Olive Groove where you get the opportunity to taste before you buy. They carry extra virgin olive oils, fused and infused olive oils, a variety of balsamic vinegars, and more. Across the street is Lazy Dog Chocolateria & Ice Cream Parlor, a whimsical spot. Featured are homemade ice cream products, including ice cream bars popular with locals. Treats in Nevada City also has a loyal following for their artisan ice cream and sorbet. Be sure to try the seasonal ice creams they make. For an adult experience, head to the Cirino’s at Main Street bar in Grass Valley. Try a Bloody Mary then purchase a bottle of Jerry Cirino’s legendary Bloody Mary Mix. His recipe has been a Nevada County tradition for over 33 years. Back in Nevada City are a couple of interesting places worth a visit. Wheyward Girl Creamery is run by an expert who loves to introduce customers to new types of cheese. She offers a wide variety, as well as cheese related items. Also stop by The Truffle Shop, an insti- tution of sorts tucked away in the New York Hotel. Offered are a tempting variety of locally made, unique truffles, and beautiful decadent desserts. Nevada County has a number of farms where you can buy from growers. Visit a chamber of commerce office for a Farm Guide (see page 144). A drive to Bierwagen’s Donner Fruit Trail in Chicago Park offers a bonus. Try a piece of homemade pie at their Happy Apple Kitchen then shop at the farm market. Outside Nevada City is a u-pick opportunity at Riverhill Farm. Pick berries in season and shop at the farm stand starting in June. Check their website riverhillfarm.com for days and times. 96 N E VA D A C O U N T Y G O L D GRAB A PASTY Beginning in the 1860s, miners from Cornwall, England, came to Nevada County to work the hardrock gold mines. One of the most popular tradi- tions they brought with them proved to be the Cornish pasty. The pasty (pro- nounced pass-tee) is a filled pastry crust made into a special type of meat pie. Recipes varied, bu B7BvW&RFPvF&VVbrvF6&F2`FFW22B"GW&2@76W26&6֖W'26'&VBFV FVFFR֖R'V6WG0FBBF&VR6'FVG2G6ǐFW&Rv2'&WvVBFVFR&GF7GFR֖FFRB6fg&'VFRF7FW2&R7FFR@VVB6ǒvF&FG&FF&V6W2BfFfR6&F2`w&VFVG2FW&RW&fV7Bf"WFVF2WfF6VG624U445DU02V'W&7Bw&72fW%4( 25DU0#2֖7Bw&72fWE$TB$$U%CFW"72&BG'V6VP'6( 27FW2w&72fW