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R E C R E A T I O N THE YUBA RUNS THROUGH IT! By Mark Winkler Yuba River Swimming in the Yuba River on a hot sum- mer’s day is a signature move for anyone out to truly appreciate Nevada County. The Yuba is a treasure, with clean, free-flowing water and massive granite “sunning” boul- ders which shape the pools and swimming holes along its course. This river stays beauti- ful and healthy not by chance, but rather by the hard work and ongoing commitment of people who love it: (yubariver.org). Here are a few Yuba ideas: PURDON CROSSING: This stretch of the river has the easiest trail. Either upstream or downstream, the area is wide and mostly flat, offers a mix of slow and swift river, crystaline pools, beautifully sculpted granite and inviting beaches. It makes a good introduction to the Yuba, especially if you have children. FORTY-NINER BRIDGE: Don’t let the sight of all the people frolicking under the bridge fool you, it’s a pretty tough climb down at this spot for anyone with clambering limita- tions. But it is a dandy swim and it’s tantaliz- ingly close on a hot day. You are likely to need to be in a social mood most days at this spot. HOYT’S CROSSING: Hoyt’s is a thirty-minute walk upstream from Forty-Niner, with plenty of other good holes along the way, although they often have tough climbs. This area is a hotbed of summer activity for teens and young adults in the summertime and the rocks and swims are gorgeous. BRIDGEPORT: This is the home of South Yuba State Park and our very famous cov- ered bridge. Not only does it feature the shortest walk from the parking area to the first swim spots, the adventurous can head up or down stream to explore. Upstream in particular is a trail that features docent- guided wildflower walks in the spring and the opportunity to stretch your legs until you find “your” spot. A TRIP TO WASHINGTON: I cannot tell a lie - the road to the tiny town of Washington is a bit winding. But once you’re there, you’ll be glad you made it! Head east out of town on Maybert Road for a scenic trip along the South Yuba River, the confluence with pris- tine Canyon Creek and the excellent swim- ming around every bend. SCOTTS FLAT LAKE: Located at an elevation just over 3,000 feet, Scotts Flat Lake outside Nevada City is a beautiful spot, surrounded by pines and eagerly awaiting your family’s version of synchronized swimming. It has a surface area of eight hundred and fifty acres and is full service for boating, camping, fishing and more. EDWARDS CROSSING: This area has a nar- row and uneven trail but it also offers some of the best and most private swimming the Yuba has to offer. There is a spot where a seasonal creek makes a waterfall next to the river and Edwards Crossing is famous for its spring and summer ladybug explosion! Gorgeous Waters of the South Yuba A Note of Caution: Part of the beauty of wild, natural places along the Yuba is that they are WILD (i.e. dangerous), so be cautious! You may also encounter “clothing optional” swimming in some areas. Great Lakes Too For all the family fun that lake swimming and boating have to offer, we have a couple of suggestions for you to try: ROLLINS LAKE: Located in Chicago Park, outside Grass Valley, Rollins features camp- ing and fishing and a lake with a surface area of nine hundred acres for your swim- ming stylings, plus twenty-six miles of shore- line for you to rest on the beach afterward. There’s are also three full-service marinas if you enjoy a good boat. Boys of Summer N E VA D A C O U N T Y G O L D . c o m 93