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CALENDAR OF EVENTS G R A S S V A L L E Y TRUCKEE AREA / N E V A D A C I T Y July 2017 TRUCKEE 4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS: West End Beach, Donner Lake. Day-long activities for residents only by advanced tick- et sales. truckee.com Truckee Thursdays SUMMER WEEKLY EVENTS TRUCKEE CERTIFIED FARMERS’ MARKET: Through Oct 18. Tuesdays 8 am–1 pm. Truckee River Regional Park. 10500 Brockway Rd. (530) 300-7020, (530) 679-2729. TRUCKEE COMMUNITY FARMERS MARKET: Sundays, June 4–Sept 24. 10 am –2 pm.12047 Donner Pass Road. truckeefarmersmarket.org DOWNTOWN TRUCKEE THURSDAYS: June 8–August 17. 5-8:30 pm. Historic Downtown Street Festival. truckeethursdays.com MUSIC IN THE PARK: June 21–August 30. Every Wednesday, 6:30–8 pm, Truckee Regional Park. (530) 582-7720. tdrpd.com June 2017 NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: June 3. 6-9 pm. A night filled with magic, gourmet feast from farm and stream, fine wines, silent and “Not So Silent” auction, private cocktail hour inside the museum with hors d’oeuvres and wine. Donner Memorial State Park Visitor Center. SierraStateParks.org 4TH OF JULY FIRECRACKER MILE: 9:40 am-10 am. US Bank to historic downtown. One-mile, gravity fed for all ages and abili- ties. auburnskiclub.com TRUCKEE TAHOE AIR SHOW & FAMILY FESTIVAL: July 8. 9 am–4 pm. Free. Aviation, aerial performances, displays. TRUCKEE ANTIQUE SHOW: July 20–23. 10 am–5 pm. Alder Creek Middle School. tbcashow.info/truckee DONNER LAKE TRIATHLON/KIDS TRIATHLON: July 22–23. 7 am–3 pm. Various swim, bike and run events for adults and kids. bigblueadventure.com SIERRA CREST ULTRA RUN: August 5. 50k, 30k trail runs. auburnskiclub.org WESTERN STATES® 100-MILE ENDURANCE RUN: June 24-25. Trail race from Squaw Valley to Auburn. wser.org V A L L E Y LAKE TAHOE AUTUMN FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL: September 8–10. Premier gourmet food, wine, beer & spirits festival. Northstar California. gotahoenorth.com BREWS, JAZZ & FUNK FEST: August 12- 13. 2 pm–8 pm. Squaw Valley. Two day festi- val of craft brew tasting and live music. squawalpine.com CASTLE PEAK 100K: August 26. Prosser Hill OHV to Donner Memorial State Park crossing many historical points of interest. castlepeak100k.com Truckee Pro Rodeo COPA DE LAS SIERRA SOCCER TOURNAMENT: September 2–3. Riverview Sports Complex, Truckee. barcelonanorcal.org High Sierra Cruisers HIGH SIERRA CRUISERS: October 14. Truckee River Regional Park. Classic car show. highsierracruise.com TRAILS AND VISTAS: September 16. Art in Nature: music, art, dance, poetry on a 3 mile hike. 9 am. trailsandvistas.org TRUCKEE RIVER DAY: October 15. Volunteers work on 10 projects in various locations restoring local creeks, rivers, wet- lands, and meadows. HIGH FIVES FOUNDATION BOCCE TOURNAMENT: September 17. 11 am–7 pm, X[\ˈ[H\[Y\]\YH[\]\[ˈXYH]\[\KXY\]\[\KHPQHTԒPSUSQSSTؙ\ Nx$̌ [X][[Y[[\ܞK\ܚX۝ۈXYKXYZ\ܞ]\BY\Hܙ\[H[ݙ[X\ M‘ӓTRHTVHݙ[X\ Z[H[[\[ۛ\ZK]X\XXBӕӈPQHQVBTUSSQTQSTSSӖKݙ[X\ Mˈ MHx$͂K\ܚXXYKBБTT\[X\ ˈ $͈KY][ۘ[]\X[]\X[[\Y\\[][ܘ]] [YH]]X][^K]X][[KBPQHPTUӈSSPTUӎ\[X\ \HY[˜[[[\ܚX۝ۈXYB][[Xܛ[XZ[˂XY[X\]ۋBPQHӕӈSKS ؙ\ ˈ L$K[H[\[ˈ[YܛXH[\Y\[[Y\B[ˈXY][][˘B\[X\ M•HHBT S\[X\ M\[KB[[\X[\ ]H]\X\\[[ۜKB[ۜܘYY\\[[X[]\˂\ܚX۝ۈXYK\ܚXXYKBؙ\ M•PQHSΈ]Y\ $̍˂X]\\[K]\^H KMK[^H KBΌKXY\[˛ܙ‹•RSSTTΈ\[X\K\[]\N]\X\ [K]HۈH Z[BZK[[HܙYZ[[ۋH[KZ[[\\˛ܙ•UTT]Y\ K]X][^H]X\\[\^H[\[HܜBYK]\\ ܙ•SH RTN[H ˈ x$ΌK[H[ۈ\K] [•PQHUёT[H L KMHKXYHY[ۘ[\ˈY\\[]B]\X[YKXY[[Z\ X\] BH]Y\ M•PQHVN[H ˈ[x$̈KۋBYHY]X[\[]X\YH^K L H N M XX˘KXYQ^BPQHSSTUS[H R L[0HX\]ۈ[ۙHXYB]\Z]Z[[[˘B‘ӓTTHRNؙ\ M8$MKۛ\[[Z] XYKZ\B\وX\H[ZYܘ[&H\^HXܛHY\H]YK]\[Y\[Z\›ٙ\Y]\^N[^Y[[\[^Kۛ\\ZZKBԑPURSPNؙ\ H[x$œKZH܈[]Y[XYH[ZB]KܙX]Z[XKBӕӈPQHQVBQSTSSӖNݙ[X\ M˂\ܚX[۝ۈXYK\ܚXXYKBX\ NӓёTK L^H[\\][Y]HY[ۋ[HXY]][[X]]Y\܈[Y\˂Z\ۛٙ\][ BHԑPUHPNX\  N ܛ[HKۛHXHHZB]HXYKYܙX]\XKB\[ NSTӑTԐTΈ]X][^K]X][[KBX^H NӓTRHT QPTPHPNۛ\ZKXYKZX\ ܙ“PQHSRHTUS]X][^K]X][[KB HHBHBH“BHHH  BB B