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FAIR THEE WELL The Nevada County Fairgrounds has been described as “California’s Most Beautiful Fairgrounds” by the California Assembly. We wouldn't disagree – it might be the towering pines or the marigold-lined paths or maybe the fact that it's clean and shady and well-maintained. You might come for the county fair in August and eat your way down “Treat Street” or visit in September for the Draft Horse Classic and see some of the most amazing equines in the world. Oh, heck, do both. Events happen year-round so check the calendar when you’re in town. 10 SNOW REASONS TO GET EXCITED From a home base in Truckee you can enjoy some of the best snow on Earth for skiing downhill or cross-country. Winter is always a treat here and there are conditions perfect for anyone, beginner to Olympian, plus available lessons if you’re just getting started. MARCHING PRESIDENTS & HISTORICAL PRECEDENTS 11 Experience some of the liveliest American history presentations you’ve ever seen during the Constitution Weekend Celebration, every September in glo- rious Nevada City. The weekend is packed with living history and when you see the famous Marching Presidents coming down Broad Street as part of the parade, you’ll know you’re in the best of company. 12 DIG INTO MALAKOFF DIGGINS Malakoff Diggins State Park is the site of California's largest "hydraulic" mine and the visually impressive cliffs carved by mighty streams of water that were used to wash away entire mountains to get the gold. The park is about a 50-minute drive north of Nevada City and features a visitor center, museum and town site tours. You can also “self-guide” your way around this testament to the power of precious metal. 13 GET DOWNIEVILLE & HIGHER Speaking of nice day trips, Downieville is a classic for that little-changed, rural Sierra Nevada feeling. And if you love these mountains, how can you get more Sierra than Sierra City and Sierraville? For fishing, leaf or wildlife watching, Downieville Downtown snow-play, hiking, river-dipping and mountain relaxation, spend some time in this region, which has great things to offer in any season. FLOAT YOUR BOAT! 14 A float down the lazy Truckee River is a tradition for anyone spending some warm-weather time in the eastern county area. Professional raft trip companies are ready to show your group the ropes if you aren’t experienced enough to pull it off safely on your own. When we’ve had our share of rain and snow like this year, it makes for a bit of excit- ing whitewater! Floating the Truckee River 9 15 IN VINO VERITAS ARTS IN THE BULLSEYE It’s been growing gradually for over forty years but the Sierra Nevada Foothill wine regions now have a reputation that can stand with the “big boys” in California wine. Our terroirs are terrific and our appella- tions appealing–Nevada County wine has come of age. You can cre- ate your own tour, from the Truckee region to our western border. You’ll find wine makers and sellers with an attitude of enjoyment without any off-putting pretense and delightful country roads that take you to them. Don’t miss the Truckee, Grass Valley and Nevada City down- town tasting rooms as well. The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley had turned into a real power- house for regional arts and enter- tainment, from displays of local tal- ent to attracting performances by some of the top-notch musicians and spoken-word artists in the world. A look at this year’s calendar sends the imagination soaring through jazz, rock, folk, zydeco and “world” music with touchstone artists along the way, such as Jackie Greene, Cat Power and The Seeds! You could also spend an October evening with Garrison Keillor, in case your soul needs some soothing reassurance. 16 TEST YOUR METAL SPEAKING VOLUMES When it came to veins of gold, Nevada County had some of the richest ever discovered anywhere. The mining industry dominated com- merce in our area from 1850 to 1950. At Empire Mine State Park you can tour one of the oldest and largest gold mines in the state- one that produced 5.6 million ounces of gold. It’s a great way to imagine those days and there is also fine pic- nicking, hiking and biking available. Add in a trip to the Northstar Mine Museum, also in Grass Valley, and you’ll automatically earn your gold star. Who else had enough gold to skip the Great Depression? If you love a goo ׊e)ѡɥݥѠѡյȁ)Ѽɽ͔9م չ)䁥9م 䁅)Ʌ́Y䰁ݡٔѱ)ɕхѥ́ѡq) ѥ́ ѽݻtѡѡ̸)مɥ䁽ѥ́ɥ)̰͕̰ѽ)䁅Ʌɔ̰͕)́ɕϊdͽɥ́ݥ)ԁ䁉䁙ȁ̸)]eɔɕչ䁅ݔ)ЁչՅ䁡ɍх)ɥѕ́ȁЁ́ݕͼ)ѼՑͽՅѥ)ݥѠѡɥѕݽɐ)Ё٥ͥи(()8Y