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NEVADA COUNTY–LIKE NO PLACE ELSE! In winter there is cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on picturesque trails. For the cannibalism-curious- ness in all of us, visit the Emigrant Trail Museum. It depicts the history of the area and the people who came into this part of the Sierra, including local Native Americans, the Donner Party and the builders of the transcontinental railroad. It’s a great place for family-friendly fun. Mu o! D t s By Mark Winkler Hiking Grouse Ridge HIKE FOR THE JOY OF IT Downtown Grass Valley United in spirit but diverse in everything from geography to history, Nevada County is really a collection of places that, enjoyed in combination, are truly like no place else. From Truckee to Penn Valley and from mountain climbing to a night of 1 live theater, the memories you make here will stand apart. Choosing to visit Nevada County comes easy–what’s difficult is settling on the activities that are “Must-Do’s” this time versus the ones that will have to be part of your next visit. The more time you have, the fewer the postponements! So come often and plan to stay a while when you can. BREAKFAST, A HIKE & THEN CATCH SOME LIVE MUSIC 1 You never want to be accused of cheating in the gold country but please allow us to open with a three-in-one suggestion: First, choose from our array of terrific restaurants in Grass Valley or Nevada City and have a “power breakfast.” Then drive west to Bridgeport and the South Yuba River State Park, where you’ll head upstream on the trail. Let’s say it is springtime, the wildflowers are gorgeous and it’s also sunny enough to go for a dip in an emerald pool. After some warm- rock time, head back to town to clean up and put on your new shirt because tonight you are hitting the town to catch a live band at one of the many great venues in the area. Dancing is recommended–enjoy! PH0TOS ON THIS PAGE: ANDREW WRIGHT/LIGHTHAWKPHOTO 68 N E VA D A C O U N T Y G O L D GET DOWNTOWN 2 We have great old downtowns that really have a “there” there. You’ll find terrific historic buildings, beauti- fully cared for, in Truckee, Grass Valley and Nevada City. Gold Rush era attributes and architecture abound and if you love Art Deco, take in the Courthouse in Nevada City and the Del Oro Theatre in Grass Valley. Strolling, shopping and enjoying a meal is definitely the order of the day. PARTY LIKE ITS 1846! 3 Beautiful Donner Memorial State Park wraps around the eastern side and part of the southern shore of Donner Lake and offers all of the great camping, picnicking, boating, fishing, water-skiing and hiking a warm-weather visitor could hope for. For day hikes or overnight backpack- ing, the high Sierra Nevada Mountains offer world-class scenery and some of the most beautiful granite your boots will ever make their way across. There are whole clusters of mountain lakes where you can wet a line, refresh with a swim and partake of FVW6W&VGF6W7BRG'VW"Rf"ffR7F"6r7WW&FfP7v֖rB7GW&R7F6&@66VW'BFW&R&R6琦g&v6F66RDdR$4R$UT@GW&Rv&2'7V6V֖&W20'&2'BB&6fb2vV2FRgVbVǞ( 07VW$fW7BFVƖvFgVfVVW07V62FR&6VFW"FRFV&FVG&RBWFF'2BFPvFWv&fƖFR6r^( VfRvFvrPFfRBVW"&VWFgVBЧW&7v֖r7G2g&FRV&&fW"BFRBvvC'&FvRVGv&G27&76rW&F7&76rB'&FvW'B&W7Bf f֖ƖW2FFRG'V6VR&fW"&Ɩ2R66GBw2fBR@FW"RFRW7BfWrRvfB6V"vFW"FVW276fRw&FR&VFW'2Bw&V@VFW2FVFFPgVW7BTD0bU40`66R"W62FPVF22'&VvBFR0ƗfRvFFR6VBb&6W7G&26'W6W2B67G2W&f&֖p67662'&GvfW60B&RF2V.( 266W'G2fVФdT5B`dU5DdEpWfF6VG6VV'&FW2fW7FfVǐg&WVVFǒ6VFrFR6VF0fW7Ff7G&v&W''W60fW7Ff&VVw&72fW7FfW60FRVF>( fW7FfBFPv&BW62fW7Ff6RbW0WfV6VV'&FRfW7FgW24TT%$DPDUTDTDŐW"6VG7G2vBBf6ЦVB6FvGFbVǐ&FW2&Fw&72fW@G'V6VR"FRFG&FFvWfRf"WfV6W 6FvGFbVǒ&FR琦FVƖvFgVFWVFV6RF6Ɩ6:R6Fbv&RF&Vvǐ6VV'&FVN( 4&&6vV0FrW2@