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SIERRA COUNTY LODGING Pet Friendly Options Available STAY ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED BASSETT’S STATION STATION BASSETT’S BASSETT’S STATION BUTTES RESORT BASSETT’S STATION CANYON RANCH RESORT 100 Gold Lake Road, Sierra City. Cafe, Store, Motel and Gas; Highway 49 and Gold Lake Road, 5 miles east of Sierra City at the gate way to the Lakes Basin and the Sierra Buttes, $90–$95. Housekeeping units with completely furnished kitchens, satellite TV, pets are welcome for $10.00 extra charge. (530) 862- 1297. bassetts-station.com 230 Main St., Sierra City. $95-$160 Open year around. Full kitchen units, some two bedroom, two bath units most with fireplaces and private decks or porches. Satellite television and free WIFI. Spectacular river and mountain views located right here in town. Sorry no pets. (530) 862-1170. buttesresort.com 622 Old Truckee Road, Sierraville. Quiet, secluded 1950s-style log cabins accommodate 2–7 people. Basic kitchen items, portable barbecues, picnic tables. Two streams, observational Rainbow trout pond. 2.3 miles from Sierraville. Easy access for fly fishing, boat- ing, gold panning, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, snowmobiling. canyonranchsierraville.com BASSETT’S STATION CARRIAGE HOUSE INN BASSETT’S SIERRA STATION HERRINGTON’S PINES BASSETT’S STATION LURE RESORT 110 Commercial Street, Downieville. $95–$195. November through April from $70. Updated with beautiful decks overlooking the Downie River. Continental breakfast. Free WiFi. Small pets OK. ($15 per pet). Some vacation home rentals on the river available. Safe bike st Ʌ́)ɕ͕مѥ̸йЀЁ5MɕаMɄ 一L)Ʌѕ=5āѡɽ՝9ٕȀĸIхɅа)ձȰэչ́ݥѠɕ́مͅѕ)єѕ٥ͥɥمє̰Ёɥ丁ɕѕɹ)хѥ䁅ѕ]́ɕ̴)̸Mхձȁ٥̸ȴఀȴ(ĸɥѽͥɅ̹!݅䰁@< ԰1ɔ ɥ1)ݹ٥LĴ쀐=ѡ)9ѠeՉIٕȰЁݹ٥ٕ)͕х́ݥѠэɕ)Ё́ݥѠչ)ɕɽ͡ݕ쁵Ёѡɥٕȸ͡ݥ)AЁɥ丁ɕɕͽй) MMQSeL)MQQ%=8)I5==M)%98 MMQSeL)MQQ%=8)MI%9)1-)IM=IP MMQSeL)MQQ%=8)M%II)MQI5M%)  %9L(Ё5MиMɄ 䰁 ȴиQݼ)ɽ́ݥѠՕ̽ѡɽ̸1ɝȁɽ聑)ݥѠչͱи́хกM)ɽ耐́хกIхɅиͼѥA P)ȁ̸]ȁɕY%ɕեɕ)A< ̰MɄ 䰁 Ը)ɕ͕Mɑ1IMɄ (İÊLİԸȁݕ9Ʌѕ)͕́1ݕȁMɑ1͔)ѡMɄ ѕ̸1ͥɕх́م)1ͥɕхɅнȰЁɕх̰ݥ٥ܴ)͡ɑݥݕȁ͍)丁=5ɥݕM=ѽȸ(ȴظͅɑɕͽй@< ఁݹ٥ÊL(丁]͕ѥɕՔ)9ѠɬeՉIٕȸIఁ͠ݥ)公ѕ̰չх锁ѡ݅ѕ(́́ɉ䰁ѽե͡ѽ́م)IXͥѕ̸Mѱɥ́مѼMɄ) ѕ́ͥɅݸչхɅ)ͥɅɕ̹ͥ)8Y