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TRUCKEE TRAILS, LAKES, CAMPING, WINTER SPORTS R E C R E A T I O N Truckee is located in an area known for a wide range of recreational opportunities many in the Tahoe National Forest. Listed are some examples. Trails Mt. Lola Trail another fork, go left, cross stream to park- ing lot. Nature.org/Independence Lake, CA MT. LOLA TRAIL: Climbs moderately to top of Mt. Lola, highest peak in the Tahoe National Forest. Campsites with water abundant. Most difficult, 9 ½ miles one way. From Truckee, take Hwy. 89 north to Service Road 07 (Jackson Meadows Reservoir turnoff) west for 1.3 miles. Left on Independence Lake Road south to junction with S301. Turn right at first intersection and continue west for about 3 miles to trail- head. Camping Available at Stampede, Boca, Prosser Reservoirs, and at Donner State Memorial Park (Reserve America 800-444-7275). Winter Sports DONNER LAKE RIM TRAIL: Trail encircling the peaks around lake,15 of 23 miles of signed trail completed. Views of lake, Mount Rose, Pacific Crest. Numerous trail- heads. tdlandtrust.org Information Tahoe National Forest: District Office, 10811 Stockrest Springs Rd. (530) 587- 3558; fs.usda.gov/tahoe Tahoe Donner Land Trust: tdlandtrust.org WADDLE RANCH PRESERVE: Martis Valley, off Hwy. 267. Trails and picnic sites for hik- ers, bikers and wildlife watchers (especially birds). tdlandtrust.org Area has skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe- ing, sledding, tubing and snow parks. Must Do! Lakes BOCA RESERVOIR: Picnicking, fishing, boat- ing. Popular with water and jet skiers, inter- pretive trail tells history of area. Off I-80, 7 miles east of Truckee. STAMPEDE RESERVOIR: One of best kokanee salmon fishing lakes in the west, bald eagle viewing, 25 miles of shoreline. Motorized boats allowed. Take I-80 east to Hirshdale Road exit, then north 8 miles on Stampede Meadows Road. INDEPENDENCE LAKE: Day use, picnicking, swimming, fishing. No outside watercraft. Float tubes, kayaks and small motor boats available. From Truckee, go north on Hwy. 89 about 16 miles, left on Service Road 07 (Jackson Meadows turnoff), go 1.3 miles, turn left at sign for lake. Rough road, high clearance vehi HY\Y ]ܚ] ›Z[HYۋZHYܚ[0HZ[H”TTTTXۚX[][\[ˈۈKHܝ \BKN ^] ۛ\ZB][\ \[Y\[ܙB\]Y\[XۚXX\ۂۛ\\Y \[XX\^H\H]XۚX]\\] B[ [\[^X[ ^KBܛ[\X\[[Z[\[][[ˈZH\ٙKN  Z[\™HXYK ܙ“HHHHH BL