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TRUCKEE WALKING TOUR shored up to protect it from vandalism and accidents, this 17 ton stone is one of 25 known rocking stones in the world. Used as far back as 15,000 years by Native Americans for ceremonies, drying food and storage. • Start at Bridge Street and Donner Pass Road. Take Donner Pass (Commercial Row) to Kruger-White House. (#1-4). 6. TRUCKEE JAIL: Jibboom and Spring Streets. Built in 1875 and used as a jail until 1964. Now a history museum. • Retrace your steps to Spring Street, turn left to High Street (#5). • Return to Jibboom Street, go left (#6). 7. JIBBOOM STREET: Once thrived as site of numerous dance halls, saloons and a red-light district. • Continue on Jibboom to Bridge, turn right to Church Street (#7-9). Back on Bridge is #10. Englehart House 1. THE DEPOT: Commercial Row. Built in 1900, renovated in 1989. Railroad history began in 1868 with arrival of first train. 2. THE CAPITOL: 10072 Donner Pass Road. Commercial Row’s oldest building built in 1870. Originally a saloon and hall. Used by an opera company, then for the county court. Silent movies were shown in theatre upstairs, where well-known entertainers also performed. 3. THE 601: 10100 Donner Pass Road. Truckee’s Vigilance Committee was estab- lished in 1871 because of crime and the number of “undesirables” in town. 4. KRUGER-WHITE HOUSE: 10291 Donner Pass Road. Built in 1874 by W. H. Kruger, a lumber company owner. In 1904 pur- chased by C.B. White, a prominent banker. 5. ROCKING STONE: High Street, just off Spring Street. Although it no longer rocks, having been 10. THE TRUCKEE HOTEL: 10007 Bridge Street. Originally known as the American House, was built around 1870. In 1909, structure was burned and rebuilt. Became Truckee Hotel in 1977. Rocking Stone 9. ENGLEHART HOUSE: 10020 Church Street. Dates from late 1800s. Home of William Englehart, prominent businessman. • Extend tour by walking or driving straight on Hwy. 267 over the river (#11-12). 11. STAR HOTEL: Built in 1867 as a boarding house for employees of George Schaffer or for his large family. He was the first lumber business in Truckee. 12. CHINESE HERB SHOP: Corner of Hwy. 267 and South-East River Street (backs up to river). Brick building with double iron doors built in 1878. A reminder of one of the largest Chinatowns in the west. Chinese labor was used to build the transcontinental railroad. 8. GRAY’S TOLL STATION: 10030 Church Street. Truckee’s first building, built by first white settler upon arrival in 1863. Moved to site in early 1900s. The Depot - Truckee Train Station N E VA D A C O U N T Y G O L D . c o m 49