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NEVADA CITY WALKING TOUR • Start on Broad Street near the freeway and in front of the National Hotel (#1). • Walk up Broad, turn left on South Pine Street, go one block (#2). • Return and continue up Broad to the split, cross street and head back (#3-5). • Continue back down Broad (#6). • At York Street, turn left to Chinese Quarter and right on Commercial Street (#7). • Continue down Commercial to end and Union Street and plaza (#8-9). • Take Union back to Broad Street, cross over freeway to Sacramento Street which is to the right (#10). Powell House 2. POWELL HOUSE: 203 S. Pine Street. Dating from 1860, building was once home to a soda works which manufactured car- bonated drinks. 3. CITY HALL: 317 Broad Street. First built on the site in 1878, replaced with “modern building” in 1937 constructed by WPA. Completely renovated. 4. NEVADA THEATRE: 401 Broad Street. Opened in 1865 making it the oldest theatre building in California. 5. HOMES OF INTEREST: 449 Broad Street is believed to date from 1885 and at one time housed a doctor’s office and a jail. Plaque on the property honors Senator Aaron A. Sargent, author of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would have given women the right to vote. He built a house on the property in the 1850s. Charles E. Mulloy home built in the late 1870s sits between East and West Broad Streets. Mulloy, a successful businessman, shocked residents when he hanged himself. Emil Ott home, 450 Broad Street, was built in 1910. His father was a well- known assayer. 6. NEW YORK HOTEL: 408 Broad Street. Dates from 1880, fire destroyed original hotel built in 1863. 7. CHINESE QUARTER: Commercial and York Streets. Existed from the beginning of the Gold Rush to about 1879. Buildings date from mid-1800s, among some of the oldest in Nevada City. 8. SOUTH YUBA CANAL BUILDING: On plaza at Commercial & Union Streets. Headquarters for largest network of water flumes and ditches in the state. Office used from 1857 to 1880. Holdings later became part of the PG&E hydroelectric system. 9. OTT’S ASSAY OFFICE: On plaza. James J. Ott made historic assay of silver ore in 1858 which started the rush to the Comstock Lode in Nevada. 10. THE OLD BREWERY: Corner of Sacramento Street. Known today as The Stone House. The building was constructed of granite block from the Sierra around 1882. Lager was brewed on the site and served to thirsty miners. 1. NATIONAL HOTEL: 211 Broad Street. Opened in 1850s and has been going ever since. Popular with important mining people and miners, thousands of dollars in gold passed over the bar which had been shipped ‘round the Horn. South Yuba Canal Building N E VA D A C O U N T Y G O L D . c o m 39