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NEVADA CITY HISTORY, MUSEUMS, HISTORY LIBRARIES L OCATED ON DEER CREEK, what is now Nevada City was founded in 1849 and immediately became a suc- cessful mining camp. Men commonly pulled a pound of gold a day from the creek, and thousands grew rich in 1850 with the dis- covery of gold at a site northeast of town. The camp quickly grew and miners had plenty of money to spend. Saloons and gambling establishments lined the streets, but gradually the wildness subsided. Families arrived and neighborhoods were established. After several names had been used and discarded, the town chose Nevada, Spanish for snow. “City” was added later when the state to the east chose (some say stole) Nevada. An underground or hardrock min- ing industry was established. The mines were not as large or numerous as those in Grass Valley, however they were successful and contributed to the town’s economic strength. Like its neighbor, Nevada City also saw its share of devastating fires. Today, the town contains many buildings constructed after the 1863 fire gutted the business district. Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum Museums H I S T O R I C S I T E S Firehouse #1 Museum FIREHOUSE NO. 1 MUSEUM: 214 Main St. Built in 1861, has Nisenan Indian cultural items and photos, Chinese exhibit featuring alters from two temples, Donner Party relics and extensive collection of Victorian items. Has been named a Haunted House of California. Open May 1–October 31, Tuesday–Sunday, 1:00 pm–4:00 pm. (530) 265-3937; nevadacountyhistory.org MINERS FOUNDRY CULTURAL CENTER: 325 Spring St. Historic building with interpretive displays covering manufacturing of mining machinery including the famous Pelton Wheel. Open Tuesday–Friday, 9:00 am–4:00 pm. (530) 265-5040 History Libraries SEARLS HISTORICAL LIBRARY: History Center, 161 Nevada City Hwy., corner of Ridge Rd. Historic books, manuscripts, research materi- al, immigration and naturalization records, assessor records, over 22,000 catalogued photographs and Chinese research collec- tion. Open Monday–Saturday, 1:00 pm–4:00 pm. (530) 265-5910 DORIS FOLEY LIBRARY FOR HISTOR % 0)IMI ā9ѠA1ѕ) ɹ1Ʌ䁉եѕ(ܸIͽɍ́ѥɽɱ)Ց䁥ɵѥ)̸=]͑MMɑ䰀)LԴ)幕مչ乍Ʌ)5Ё)9م չ9ɽ)՝Iɽ5͕մ)9ɽ܁՝IɽɅѥ)ѼѡɕݥѠѡɅ͍ѥхɅɽ) ก5͕մх́ѥ٥ѥ)Ʌɽѥ̰ѽ́յ̸еѽ͕́մɅɐɕѽɅѥ)͡1ѥԁ-ȁ и=5NJM=ѽȀİɥMQՕ͑䰀L]ѕȁ́9ٕ(NJMɥMɑ䀘Mչ䰀L9 9II5͕մɜ)!%MQ=I% I%1 ULI%LÁ͕䁉ɐЁѡ5͕մȁ9ѡɸEՕ%IɽٕՔȀԁє)ɽչɥMɑ́ѡɽ՝=ѽȰ͍ձݕͥє) !I%MQ5LPQ!5UMU4ȀȰLMфɕɕ̰͡ȁɥ́ȁɕ)ͼ)٥ͥ)!%MQ=I% !%9M 5QId-ȁ и%Qݸ ɽչѕ́ѼєѠ)͕ٕ́ɅхЁѥ̸ ѕ]MյȰL Ё)٥ͥѽȁ̸9є聍ɽչѥ́ȁ́一Դ)8Y