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5. ST. PATRICK’S CEMETERY: South Church & Chapel Streets. Graves date from 1853, many guarded by ornate fences to keep out stray cattle. GRASS VALLEY WALKING TOUR 6. HERITAGE HOMES: 229 Chapel Street. Queen Ann Victorian was built in 1880 by a miner, who also built Victorian cottage at 225 Chapel in 1881 as a wedding present for his daughter. Folk Victorian at 374 Mill Street was built in 1906 and at one time housed a school with 30 students. (See below for more on Heritage Homes.) • Start at parking lot, corner of Neal and South Church Streets. 7. EDWARD TAYLOR HOUSE: 358 Mill Street. Built mid-1890s by member of a pioneer family whose local history dates back to the 1850s. They owned the Taylor Foundry and Machine Company. • Follow Mill into downtown to Main Street (#7-10). • Walk up Neal to School Street and return (#1). • Turn right at Church to cemetery (#2-5). • Go left at cemetery one block to Mill Street, turn left (#6). • Turn left on Main (#11). • Can go left on Church and back to parking lot. St. Joseph’s Chapel 1. EDWARD COLEMAN HOUSE: 318 Neal Street. Coleman was involved in local mines and railroading and built this home in 1867. Also owned by Joseph Weissbein, bank and mine owner, who was murdered in 1915. 2. EMMANUEL EPISCOPAL CHURCH: 245 S. Church Street. Oldest Episcopal edifice in California, dates back to Gold Rush. 3. W.C. JONES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: 328 S. Church Street. A Queen Anne Victorian built in 1880. In 1907, it became the county’s first private hospital. Before the hospital was established, injured miners were treated on the spot or in their homes. 4. MOUNT ST. MARY’S CONVENT & ACADEMY: 104 S. Church Street. Built in 1866, the convent housed Irish nuns who founded an orphanage. Next door is St. Joseph’s Chapel built in 1894. Both are now a cultural center. Heritage Home 428 W. Main St. 8. MILL STREET HOMES: 248 Mill Street, a rebuilt cottage. The site was once home to the infamous Lola Montez who danced her way to fame on the continent. The unique Hodge Stone House, 305 Mill St., was built in 1854. 9. DEL ORO THEATRE: 165 Mill Street. Built in the 1940s, this Art Deco movie theatre has been refurbished. Check out the mural on the back wall of the building. 10. MILL STREET: Between Neal and Main Streets. Once a trail leading from mines on Wolf Creek to the center of town. Despite fires, there are still a number of buildings standing that date from the 1860s. 11. HOLBROOKE HOTEL: 212 W. Main Street. Originally destroyed by fire, the current hotel dates from 1862; the saloon dates from 1855 and was incorporated into the hotel. Guests from the past include Mark Twain, Black Bart, and Presidents Grant, Har