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S E N I O R & S E R V I A C T C E S I V I T I E S N E V A D A C O U N T Y L I V I N G A HOME SERVICES AND RELOCATION DIRECTORY Seniors Learn, Participate and Have Fun EDUCATION Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Sierra College offers a variety of courses in art, film, health, history, literature, music and science designed for learners age 50 and up who want to learn and expand their knowledge without the stress of tests or grades! Classes are held at the Nevada County Campus, as well as the Rocklin Campus and in Roseville. Some courses are free, others are available only through membership in Club OLLI plus a nominal fee, or at no additional charge. Annual membership in Club OLLI is $20. Information: (916) 781-6290. sierracollege.edu/olli MUSIC A group of 40 diverse musicians gather every Wednesday on the Sierra College Nevada County Campus to rehearse classical music. Most are retired. They make up the OLLI Orchestra (see Education) which gives local musicians an opportunity to perform. Their schedule includes two free community performances a year, one in the spring and another in the fall. Information: olliorchestra.org VOLUNTEER PROGRAM One way to remain active is to become involved with Volunteer Nevada County and the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), America’s largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over. With RSVP you choose the amount of time you want to give. There is one-on-one placement, or you can connect with other active adults working on projects as a team. Volunteers help socialize animals, make sleeping mats for the homeless, monitor the OLLI Orchestra 154 NE VADA COUNTY GO L D water quality of the Bear River, work with families and children, and serve on Grand Juries. They are friendly visitors, English literacy tutors and book buddies. Information: (530) 271-0255. volunteernevadacounty.org FITNESS Men and women over 50 who want to have some fun and get in shape, should consider signing up for the Gold Country Senior Softball Association season. Games are played weeknights and Saturdays from April to September at Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley. Information: gcssasoftball.org For exercise and friendship, consider becoming a member of Nevada County Walkers, a group popular with those 60 and older. They walk local trails, and meetup for activities like Tai Chi, bowling and pickleball. A Meetup Schedule is posted. Information: meetup.com/Nevada-County-Walkers A good resource is Living Healthy in Nevada County found on the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce website under Community at the bottom of the Home page. Included is a Physical Activity Guide, which provides guidelines for older adults. There are also suggested local activities on the intro page ]X\܈[[ܜ[]H[وH\ [ܛX][ێܘ\ݘ[^X[X\BSUSUHTPT•]H[ Q\] Q[B]\[H[][]H\X\œ]\YY]HYY[[\\”TPT”Y\H]YHYH\K MLZHܙ\YHX[\K N L̍ [ܝ][ێ[HY KM PUUQT”[[܈[YZ\ˋ L͌B[\XH\\H L و[[[ܜˈ[\\H]][ۂܘ[HX\]\H[B[[܈YH[YX[ۈY[˂\X\[YH\\HX˜[H\]ܘ[K\H\H[˜X]]Y\[\\X\ZHK[H[[[KHYY]ܚ\K[Y[\Y\^\]H[ܘ[K[ܛX][ێ L H MMK[\\X\˛ܙ•PQBY\H[[܈\X\\YX]Y˜\\[H [\]HX\X[ܝ[]Y\[X[[[\ܘ[\ˈ]ܙ[]\\X\][\\[[ܜ۝[YH][š[\[[KۙܙY]H[[[YH[]\YYX[\HݚYYYH]][ۂܘ[KHܙ[^][ۈ[ܙ[]\˜X]]Y\X\\\HX\˜[ܘYX\H\\[KX[[[\[Z[\[^\\Hܘ[\›ZH[H[ZHK[ܛX][ێ L H ML M͌ Y\\[[ܜ˛ܙ