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A C T I V E S E N I O R S N E V A D A C O U N T Y L I V I N G A HOME SERVICES AND RELOCATION DIRECTORY Now You Have The Time! By Paula C. Collins R When he retired 72-year-old Harry Auld bought a 55 foot sailboat. His long range cruiser can take him anywhere, but Auld prefers the waters around Mexico and heads there two or three times a year. A former marine engineer on container ships, he got involved with a project to send containers with medical supplies to a clinic in Uganda founded by a local doctor. On the project, Auld worked with Rotarians and liked what he saw. Now that he was retired, he had the time to become a member of the 49er Breakfast Rotary Club of Nevada City. That was 11 years ago, and when he is not sailing, you can often find him work- ing on 49er Rotary projects. He has gone on International Service Projects to Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Columbia. And one of his trips to Baja involved hooking up with a Flying Doctors dental clinic. Closer to home, Auld has been involved in painting, building and clean-up projects that have benefited the Nevada Union High School Agriculture Department, Nevada County Fairgrounds, Hospitality House and the North Star House Heritage Garden among others. Recently, he and his wife Pam enjoyed having a high school student in the house when they were host parents for a Rotary exchange student from Belgium. Madigan races in the Gold Country Grand Prix Series because she likes the camarade- rie, because they raise money for the com- munity, and with no travel involved, she can sleep in her own bed