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E D U C A T I O N L I B R A R I E S N E V A D A / SIERRA COLLEGE C O U N T Y L I V I N G Nevada County Campus 274-5300 A H O M E S E R V I C E S A N D R E L O C A T I O N D I Tahoe-Truckee R E C T O R Y Campus 550-2225 Information/Classes Learning: Make It A Lifetime Pursuit Sierra College/Truckee Offering associate degrees, Sierra College in Truckee has served the community for over 20 years. Also available are Community Education classes that include everything from landscape photography to conversational Spanish. The college is located at 11001 College Trail off Hwy. 89 in a 25,000 square foot building. Truckee: 582-7846 Doris Foley History: 265-4606 Penn Valley Station: 432-5764 Bear River Station: 271-4147 mynevadacounty.com/library All area codes are 530. Libraries The Nevada County Library System consists of six facilities including a history library that contains research material covering the coun- ty’s history (see page 37). Library services are provided for everyone from preschoolers to elderly shut-ins. They include educational and cultural programs, events for the whole family and Nevada County Reads. A popular spot is the Collab- orative Technology Center at the Madelyn Helling Library. Also offered through the library system are a library catalog online, public computers, WiFi, job and career information, a Library to Go (downloadable audio and ebooks), a variety of children’s programs (see page 157) and a literacy program. Visit our Tuition-Free K-8 Charter School 16229 Duggans Road Grass Valley, CA 95949 Phone: 530.268.9990 www.sierramontessori.org Madelyn Helling, Nevada City: 265-7050 Grass Valley–Royce Branch: 273-4117 Is Your Child Thriving? Sierra Montessori Academy COUNTY LIBRARIES Sierra College, Nevada County Campus Move on to a four-year institution, earn an associate degree or upgrade job skills. These are all goals possible through the Sierra College Nevada County Campus. Opened in 1996, the campus serves over 1,800 western Nevada County students each semester. Located off Sierra College Drive not far from East Main Street, the 105-acre site is built on a hill overlooking Grass Valley. Classes are designed for a diverse student population including full-time day students, those returning for career and technical edu- cation and evening Y[˂ݙ\ YܙYH[\YH]Hܘ[\˜\Hٙ\Y[H]HXZܚ]Hو\\Z[ۈ]K[و\Hܘ[\[›ٙ\ۛ[H\\\XH\Y[۸&]]H[Hو[YH][8'ۂH[8'HHXZ[[\\[[Y\HYH\[[Y[[][KBHYX][ۈHݚY[H\Y]Hو\\›ۈH]YH[H[\\\[\[[[][K]YܚY\[HB\]\[HܙX]]H\™\[[]\XH]ܜܚ][[ܘ\K[H[^[[\ܚ^ۜۙH[\[[܈HH]ؘKX[\^\[ Y\Y[X[ۂX[ܛ\ۜX[]BڙX^\Y[\’YX\ܛ\”YK\[[\ۛY[Y][YHX\[ܚY[][ۂY\HYKܘ\[^BY\XYKYB[YY ܙ“XY[[[[X\Bܙ\\\HLL\ۘ[^YX\[ܘ[BLL\]]H]Z[XBH[YY\[[][[ۋ[X]XœڙX\[ۈܙX]]]H[[[Z]K[H[Y[\Z^Y[\B\Yܘ[H[[[\ۛY[][œY[ܚ[[YX][ۘ[][Z[ܙYZ\YY]H\ܝوܙY[X[YXX\˂(HYH \ܝ]H\ܛB[\ۛY[\HXXY[8&\Y\H[X]Y(Xۚ^[][\B[[Y[\[\\Y[[X[ۂ([\[[YB(Y\[ۂ(ۋ[[H\\¸(X[ܛ\[X[ۂ(T\\¸(TXܙY]Y(ۙXY[ZX\¸(\ۘ[^Yܘ[B X\][YH8(]YH]KH8( L H KM “HHHHQ BM