2017-2018 Nevada County Gold Magazine 2017-2018_Nevada County Gold Magazine - Page 141

A G R I C U L T U R E N E V A D A C O U N T Y L I V I N G SIERRA HARVEST (530) 265-2343 sierraharvest.org A HOME SERVICES AND RELOCATION DIRECTORY Eat Your Vegetables! By Paula C. Collins T Want to plant a garden, but have no clue how to start? Or you planted one and noth- ing came up. Well, Sierra Harvest can help. To date, they have built or revamped 40 garde [XX\›܈ۈXܙXYKYY˜[\\[\BݚYY \[\YX\وYKB[ۘ[\\[KBܙ[^][ۈ[œYH[Y[ܙHق\H\[˂Z[]H\\\HY\H\\\H[]]B\[Y []H\Z[Yݙ\\Y\ˈHܘ[H]X[Y\š[Y[]\\[HXۙ\Y\'Y['Hܚ[ۙYHY[ܜZBH\[\[[\H[X\X][ܝ[]Y\[]YH[KBZ[H\[ܛX\ٝ[\\[[\˂Y\H\\\ܛYY[ L\B\[وHY\\]Y[ܙ[^KB[ۜˈۙH\Yۈ[[\Y\B\ۈYX[[ؙ\]HYX[HYX[˂^HHܙ[^][۸&\[\܈ IBوHX][[KHܛۈ[K^H[]]Y\[HX[^Y Z[[ۈ[X\[]H[HKB][]KۙH]]HYۈ\]Y\YX\›وX[K^H\HYZ[[ܙH\\™XXYX\]\[]\\HۘH\H[[H[ۛHX]H\H]ˈ[H\ݙ\YY]X\][[\[\X][H[™HH8&\\[H\Z[˂][YH]H[[\\[KB]YH\و\Y]X\B[Yܙ \\[ݚY\\[Z[H]\Y]X\Z[H[B\\\YH\HYH[\\HX\ܚY\\HXYHKBHHY\H\\Hܘ[\\B[\X[\[و\\]YB[H\Y[˂Z\\K]Tܘ[HXX\ŽMHو[NY[[H\XH8$ L Y[[ ˈHY\][\Y\\Y\\]H\ܛ\ˈ\B\H[\[ۜ][[Y\Y[XH\܈HY˂HHHHQ BM