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PIONEERS H I S T O R Y TAles of Golden RiveR Beds TuRned eyes To CAlifoRniA By Don Baumgart A S CALIFORNIA MOVED INTO that memorable year of 1849, a four letter word attracted the attention of eastern publishers who pro- duced a flurry of books for an eager world- wide audience. The word was “gold”, and the books were guides on how to reach California and the fields where men became pick- and-shovel millionaires. Many of the “guides to gold” publications tended to replace accuracy with enthusiasm. Fayette Robinson wrote there were reports stating the “streams run over beds of gold, and the mountains are masses of precious ore.” Glowing pictures painted by booklet writers often failed to match gold field reality. In an old copy of one guide book, the author’s ini X[ \H^Z[Y[[[HH\]YZ[\8'[[X\x'BX\\]\\\ݙ\YܚY\˜X][[]\\ˈ^B]ZXH]]YYH]\قH MZ[[ۈ[H][8'XYK'B[[][]Y\Y\Y[[[\B]Z][ܙH[Z[HY[X\šYXYY\ YH\\[]\™HYZ\[\Y] \[[\[[KZ\\KZ][œ\HYY[\K][]\Yۜ[\Y\܈HZ[ ۙHX\\]\\ܚ]\Z[YYZ[[[[YܛXH[][ 8'HܚX[Z\[Hقܛ[܈[H[Y\X\X›܈ݙ[][K[\\[XZ\™܈H]\[ۈY\H]\[œ\[و\X܋'B[[Y]X\YH[\][[[]HY\H]HY[[]Y\و N L \\ܚ\[ۈ\ۙHو[X[HYˈ8'HZ[[™\XXY\]ٛܙHY[\BX]K8'HHܛK8'\HXKB[^]\Y8)܈][\[Z[\\H۝[X[H[\[HXHœXx)[X\وYH[[[Y [XHHX[]Y\وZ\[X[\˸'BY]\Y\XY\HY[\H[و[K\[\YH]YY[[ۙ[ܙH[[ܙH]˜\][ˈH\\\[H[Y [[ZYx&\YHYUQHUBԐTSVBˆB•HY\H[8&\[ \\XBܙHX]\[‘X[ۋۋYX[ۋ][ [[\\ \[\ \[ۙYY8&\[\BH B‰‰ˆB’YH[X[ۈو\[[]و[و[\\\\\]\˜[Xܙ[H\HXX[[[&\X[ۈ][Y\˜^\[[Y\8$[[ۙHޞK[XXHܙKHH B[I\\ [œݚY\[ۙY[\X[ۈ\\X[\Y\˂\][[\^ܞK[[YYۙX[ۋY[[\\ܞK[[[[Y[ Y[HX[ۋ[[\KˆˆBBHHHHH[ۙ^H8$]\^H L [H N Bۘ][ۜX\Y[ۙ^H8$]\^H L [H  B[[ZY\ۚY]Y BHˆH B‰ M K  M JMH ȈˆHBBH  IB ]X\HY]و\K] BًT[ [\[[XX˂[ΈZX\ \[Y\KXܙ8&\8&\]Y[“HHH HHHŒLKXZ[Y] ՈMNM B L H L ˆ”\H ]و[\Y[[\]X\X[[\[X[ۈ ۋHX[۸$[XX˂[Έ\ Xܙ\[Y\BXY^[\˂H BŒK MOH  J LMH   J LMH B‰ ȂBB ˆH ŽN KH K  L  LBˆˆ‰BH BBB    I B‰ˆˆ