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PIONEERS H I S T O R Y SuperStitionS, MuleS And Gold t HEIRS WAS A DANGEROUS OCCUPATION, so it is not surpris- ing local hardrock gold miners had their superstitions. One was the ghost- like Tommy Knocker with a long nose and tall black hat. It was believed that when he was heard knocking in the mine, some- thing was going to happen, probably bad, so you best be careful. The miners also thought a woman in a mine was bad luck, as was whistling. Cornwall, England supplied most of the labor for area mines, including the mighty Empire, now a State Historic Park. These miners gained their experience in the tin and cooper mines of Cornwall. They not only brought their expertise, but inventions like the Cornish Pump used to remove water from underground tunnels. The Empire Mine traces its history back to 1850 when George Roberts discovered flecks of gold in an outcropping of quartz located in what is now the mine’s main parking area. His discovery bro Y[YB\XHZHZ[\]H[YYYZ[Y\[[\HX[˂ؙ\ZHX[H\X[YH\\BYY[\Z[HHܛ\]ۜY]YH\وX[Z[\[\HH[\\HZ[K\[H^ L YX\܈B[\\H[XYHۙHوH\ \\[X\Z[\[[YܛXK[\[X]Y K H[\ق\H^XYH ͍Z[\ق[\ܛ[\Y\ˈHZ[HXYݙ\[[ۈ\š[H^x&\œ[\˂]ۙH[YH [\Z[ܚY\H^Hœ[\^HHܙH™[B^XY ^B[X\[HBX\[ܘ\•[^H[][][Y\[]YB]K\Y[˜X[YHX\BYYH\K^HۛHXYY]Y [ N K\][\[X[H\HZ[Y۝[[\\[H[\\K[]\Y ۛHX[HY\\X] \ۈ[X[Hݙ\[ N H[H\Y [H N ٚ]Y[X\\YH[ܙX]\[ܙB\H[]]HY[ܚ[]BZ[H[H\ NK[YHY]HܛX[YX][ۋHX[YHۙHقHܙX]Z[[[[Y\و\^Kݙ\HYX\H[\\HZ[H\šۛۈ\ۙHوH[YXY[[ܙ\]HZ[\[H[]Y]\ˈۙB[\ݙ[Y[\H\Hو][\][ܙH[\HHXZ[Y܈[BܝH\XK]ۙH[YK ][\›]Y[H\[\ܛ[ ۙHوB[[[\\[K]\ZYH\™ۙو][ؘX[]Bۙ]Y\H\[^H\[ Y\[[ݙH[[]\[[ݙY \HHZ[H[ NLHB][۝Z[[ܜܘ][ۋ]۝[YY\[[ܛ\RK[]\˜YۈHH\X[ۈ\ H[\\H[[Y[ NM K]B^YXHو Yو^X[š][X܈؛[\Y\X[[\H[ NMMZ[HX\T\HYBX\[ܙB#HTUSTTHRSBUHTԒPT”YHYH BHHHHH BL