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WAGGING TAILS P E T S A L L O W E D FOUR LEGGED FUN & GAMES By Mark Winkler T order, the “Dogs Run Free” area in Condon Park in Grass Valley is perfect. Pioneer Park in Nevada City is also an “unofficial” dog park or if you’d prefer a trip to Western Gateway Park in Penn Valley, there’s a great dog park there too. At Truckee River Regional Park unleashed dogs under strict voice and visual control are welcome in winter. ON LEASH PICKS: Bridgeport’s South Yuba River State Park is a delight, where dogs on-leash are allowed on all trails. Dogs are not allowed in the water near the park's main attraction, a 251- foot-long, historic covered bridge. ‘Dogs Run Free’ Dogpark, Grass Valley Another fine place to hike with your dog is the Independence Trail, which takes off through our lodging guide reveals a wide from Highway 49 north of Nevada City. range of options that are pet-friendly and We know you’re out to have responsible dogs are also welcome at many of our best fun and you’ll be sure to be courteous along restaurants–just look for the paw print next the way because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t to listings in our “Lodging Section” pages be the person your dog thinks you are. 65, 114–119 and our “Dining Section,” That’s why you and your dog are welcome pages 98–108. all around Nevada County! OFF LEASH PARKS: When a workout is in HERE WAS A TIME when travelin ]H[][HX]YZHHYH\X\]\B^\ٝ[[\\\[YH\[B\HHܝ[][KH^\وX][[\YH[[H][\HۙKH“ёPTT‘\]\\]]^H\ŒN M[[^H[[^B\\]]^Y\˛ܙ‘[YH\ۙۈ\ Z[YH ܘ\[^Kܝ[YK]XYHY[ۘ[\”X\ۘ[ٙX\\ΈX\Y\H[YBX^H x$ؙ\ K[]\H[\XXB[\X[۝Hݙ[X\ x$\[ VHQSB]܈H][[\[X[ۜY\ K LM8$LNKPUQSB]܈H][[\[[X[ۋY\N8$L QHVHTBXYHZH]BLM\]\Y] XYKK L H N MN L QSHUTQT›8&H\XX]\B ۈHX\ H\H[Y[HY\\[L\[^K]YH]K L H M̍‘QSHSTQT•]܈H][Y\ LL LLL˂][X\XH[\ܘ\[^BXHZ[^X\]YH]B]YH]H[\K]YH]B]ۜYH[\K]X\Y\Hۛ[\K]X\RSPHӑBܝ\\ܝ\[H[[Y\\[YYY[\H[YHœYHHۙH[ZH]Y\[HۈX\[H[[Z[Z[ Z[\ˈXX]B܈]Y[H][ˈܝ\[YܛXKBHUQ•ZHۛ\ܛ[B[YۈXYYYZ[ˈZYۛ\BUTPHPT”[ۙY\\XۚX\Y\“]YH]K[Z[K[ܚY[Y [QKۂX\\\H[[YK؋ܙœ\B››L ͍Lš™B‹œBBBB]]X]˘BY\ [H[YH[›“]YBM̌HKXZ[Y] K ¸(\Y[X[X[\]BPU”PSԂ([Y\X[X[\]B(\HX[Y[Y[([Y\X[X[Y[Y[ܘ\[^KHMNM BˑX]˘B[H M LBLHHHHH